Possible D.C. Sex Scandal Better Imagined than Proved

PimpmylobbyistYes, yes, yes, thank you for the numerous emails directing us to Hotline's uncovering of a POSSIBLE D.C. SEX SCANDAL involving Duke Cunningham's "co-conspirator No. 1," Brent Wilkes. See, he maintained a hospitality room. At a hotel. That had bedrooms. Yes, we're quivering with delight ourselves. We'd say "imagine what could he have been up to," but the commentators over at Hotline have imagineered a tin-foil hat fantasia that we don't dare compete with. Liaisons with Jeff Gannon? Check. "Teenage callboys at the White House under George Sr?" Check. Rove "Delaid," and "Scotter" having a three-way love affair? The Washington press corps covering it up? "Eyes Wide Shut" orgies? Check, check, and check.

If Washington were actually this fun, we wouldn't need to make shit up.

DC Sex Scandal About To Break? [Hotline On Call]


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