Update: Yeah, Ben Domenech resigned. Right as we were publishing this post, the sunuvabitch.


The Wash Post's Red America blogger, and frequent target of unhingedattacks from us, has been revealed as a plagiarist (we do think it's reached the point where the allegedly can be removed -- once or twice you can blame on a college paper editor, but this is a bit much). Kurtz's column on it seems to have been filed before some of the more serious, non-Nick Cage movie-related charges came out, so there's no word on Post reaction -- but if the defection of Michelle Malkin to the "yeah, probably should look into that" camp is any indication, Red America might be going on a bit of a hiatus. Here with further comment is our very own Conservative contributor Sergeant Wonkette:

Hi everyone, Sergeant Wonkette here, reporting live from THE HEARTLAND. I write this from the front porch of a simple working man's home in Ames, Iowa, the sort of man you meet every day in small towns across what the coastal elites scoffingly call "the flyover land."

The sun's just rising over the cornfield, and a rooster has just declared the start of another hard day's work. Becuase it's morning again in America. Today more men and women will go to work than ever before in our country's history. With interest rates at about half the record highs of 1980, nearly 2,000 families today will buy new homes, more than at any time in the past three days.

This afternoon 6,500 young men and women will be married, and with inflation at less than half of what it was just three days ago, they can look forward with confidence to the future. It's morning again in America, and under the blogging of Ben Domenech, our country is prouder and stronger and better. Why would we ever want to return to where we were less than three short days ago?

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