Ah, snap polls. Here is how they work: A news-gathering organization rounds up a bunch of plumbers, all named Joe, and puts them in a lockbox where they are forced to look at two people arguing for 90 minutes. At the end of this torture session, people ask themselves, "Whoblinked less? I'll go with that guy," and voila, you have your snap poll telling you Barack Obama won again.

Here we go:

CBS undecideds: Obama 53, McCain 22

CNN viewers: Obama 58, McCain 31

CNN independents: Obama 57, McCain 31

MediaCurves independents: Obama 60, McCain 30

SurveyUSA Californians: Obama 56, McCain 28

Thank you to the late-night gerbils at TPM Election Central and FiveThirtyEight.com for compiling all this boring bullshit.


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