Post-Election Media Glossary (First in a Series)

What reporters really mean (whether talking to colleagues, boss, or you):

"The internet propagated bogus information." = "We fucked up."

"Bloggers let the cat out of the bag." = "We believed those polls, too."

"Oh, that room service bill includes laundry." = "I emptied the mini-bar."

"That was quite a night, huh?" = "What's your name again?"

"Truly, this is a divided America." = "I am planning on resorting to tired red/blue stereotypes for another four years."

"President Bush has a mandate." = "We didn't believe that 380 ton thing either."

"We're all just glad it's over." = "Mr. McClellan, you look tense, can I rub your shoulders?"

"This is a vindication for Karl Rove's strategy" = "We won't tell criminal prosecutor about your Plame leak."

"Will Bush govern from the middle?" = "Will I have have to talk to Christians?"

"President Bush is joined by his family." = "I can see Jenna's Barbara's nipples."


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