'Post' Live Chat With 'Socialite' Gets Hilariously Personal

KAC and friend - WonketteToday's topic of discussion: dating in D.C.:

Washington, D.C.: Say if you walk into a bar with your boyfriend, but realize you've met a rich venture capitalist and want to go home with him. How do you suggest going about this?

Kelly Ann Collins: Oh geesh.

First of all, Mr. WDC, you were not my boyfriend ... I just let you go to a party with me. Secondly, it's been three years since that party ... while your crush was kinda flattering back in 2003, it is now, well, creepy-stalkerish.

I think you should think about some females that don't have the initials K.A.C.

My advice to the men of D.C.: Don't stalk chicks. "Leave me alone" means leave the girl alone.


While we still don't quite remember why Kelly Ann Collins is "famous," we do heartily approve of her airing dirty laundry on washingtonpost.com.

Dating in D.C. [WP.com]


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