Post-Racial America

Central Park Racist Lady Very Sorry For Being Such Central Park Racist Lady. We Bet.

Golly, video just changes everything, doesn't it?

Well, internet subscribers, another video has gone viral.

In this one, a white woman in Central Park named Amy Cooper is walking her dog off-leash in the Ramble, which is very popular with the set of humans known as "bird-watchers." A black man named Christian Cooper is there to engage in said activity of "bird-watching," notes that Ms. Cooper has her dog off-leash, and politely asks her to fix that.


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sex crimes

Fly The Rapey Skies With United Airlines

Airline protects drunk white woman who assaulted two black men on a redeye flight.

Back in February, during a redeye flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport. a woman made unwanted sexual advances toward an NFL player and his traveling companion. They're both black men, and she's white. That's worth mentioning because you can't imagine anyone daring to fuck with a professional football player, but this woman acted like she was in the front row at Chippendales.

According to a lawsuit the men filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the two men complained several times to the United Airlines flight attendants but they didn't do anything. Perhaps they were too busy blocking the aisle with the bland snack tray so no one could use the bathroom.

The woman become more aggressive and tried to remove the football player's face mask, which he was wearing as a precaution against COVID-19. Yeah, this was February 10. The brother was proactive. Most of us were still shaking hands and licking doorknobs. The mask was also not all the woman grabbed.

"While touching John Doe 1's face, assailant grabbed John Doe 1's penis and ripped off his face mask," the lawsuit said.

That's horrible and traumatic. It never should've gotten to that point. When the player left to seek help, the woman moved on to his companion, grabbing his leg and groin.

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Asks Donald Trump To Nuke Tribes' Highway Checkpoints From Orbit

She just wants what's white for everybody.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has escalated her fight with two Native American tribes over highway checkpoints. Earlier this month, Noem threatened to sue the tribes to remove checkpoints they had set up on state and federal highways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on their reservations. Yesterday, instead of suing, Noem sent a letter to Donald Trump, the Justice Department, the Interior Department (home of the Bureau of Indian Affairs), and the members of her state's congressional delegation asking for help in making the tribes respect her authoriteh. Throughout the pandemic, Noem has refused to let municipal governments issue stay at home orders and other public health measures she didn't like, so clearly, the tribes' defiance couldn't be allowed to stand, either.

The checkpoints were put in place on a number of state and federal roads in April by the Oglala Sioux and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes to help enforce their own public health measures. (No limited-access interstate highways are affected, just surface roads where anyone might stop for gas or lunch and so on.) The tribes argue that 19th Century federal treaties give tribal leaders sole authority to regulate who can and cannot come onto their land. The tribes, understandably, want to avoid a horrific outbreak like the one that has hit the Navajo Nation in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, which now has the highest per capita rate of infection in the US.

In her May 8 ultimatum to the tribes, Noem waved around an April memorandum from the Bureau of Indian Affairs saying the tribes can only restrict traffic on federal and state highways after reaching an agreement with the state. Noem gave the tribes 48 hours to remove the checkpoints or she'd sue them in federal court.

And now, instead of a lawsuit, Noem is asking Donald Trump to help her close the checkpoints. We are neither an attorney nor an expert on tribal sovereignty, but that sure suggests to us that Noem has reassessed whether a lawsuit would go her way. That, or she simply prefers to let Donald Trump know she'd welcome his help, and perhaps some gratuitous "Pocahontas" slurs, which seems Trump's sole frame of reference for all of Native America.

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2020 Congressional Elections

Social Media Posts ‘Reveal’ Trump-Loving MAGA Candidate Ted Howze Is A Gross Bigot

GOP leadership is shocked, shocked!

California Republican Ted Howze thought he could run for Congress without anyone checking his social media, or maybe he assumed everyone would stop using social media and have more “game nights" with their families. Neither happened and now he has to answer for offensive posts about Muslims and immigrants that appeared on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The inflammatory content is your typical Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter garbage: Hillary Clinton is accused of murdering Seth Rich. Rep. Maxine Waters doesn't just have distracting black lady hair, she's also a crackhead. Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg is a fraud who hasn't witnessed real gun violence. Also, Islam sucks. None of this is true or all that “shocking." It's boilerplate rhetoric from your MAGA relative. But Republicans like to gaslight us into thinking their party isn't a pack of bigots.

Howze claimed he didn't know how those "negative and ugly" posts got on his accounts. He certainly didn't write them! He was a regular user of Facebook, but he apparently never read its security guidelines, so he gave people access to his accounts ... for reasons. Facebook isn't Netflix or Hulu. Facebook is free.

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