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Steve Bannon Says His Kinder, Gentler Racist Nativism Different From Buffalo Shooter's Icky Murder-y Kind

If it quacks like a milkshake duck...

In the wake of the revelation that the 18-year-old white supremacist shooter in Buffalo was brain-poisoned by the Great Replacement Theory lie, Steve Bannon is flooding the zone with an epic quantity of shit.

"He’s Azov, a gay guy, he’s got all these insignias. He comes across – he said he’s a left-wing authoritarian, an eco-authoritarian," he babbled to Rudy Giuliani on Monday. "It’s in the manifesto, which they won’t release. I don’t know, just release it, it’s not gonna warp people’s mind. People can make decisions."

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Right Wing Extremism

Ben Shapiro's Brain Trust: Replacement Theory True, So That Can't Have Caused Mass Shooting

Also, what about those lockdowns? They probably did it.

Rightwing pundits got busy Monday on the very important project of distancing themselves and their racist panic over immigration from the ideas espoused — and put into action Saturday — by the 18-year-old white supremacist who shot 13 people in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 of them. In what's become a mandatory feature of racist mass shootings, the shooter posted an online manifesto explaining why he had to kill innocent shoppers to save white culture, complete with racist memes and nonsense shitposting, like claiming he loves the environment and considers his political orientation as "authoritarian left wing," which righties have dutifully cited as proof that the massacre was clearly caused by Elizabeth Warren or possibly Antifa, as if there's a difference.

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And just like the other racist mass murderers, the Buffalo murderer said he was acting to stop the "great replacement" of white people by immigrants and minorities, a racist conspiracy theory that's just the latest variation on the centuries-old white anxiety that white supremacy is doomed, and must be preserved at any cost. In the most far-Right versions, it's a devious Jewish plot, because what good is a devious plot that's not driven by the Jews? The goal of these nefarious plotters is to "import" brown immigrants, and also to make white people eventually go extinct by having to share their America with people who aren't white.

In its slightly more genteel versions, pushed by more mainstream rightwing sources like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and others, the explicitly antisemitic language may be reduced to dogwhistles so the plot is blamed on "elites," "globalists," or "George Soros," or it may be left out altogether to blame Democrats (the distinction almost doesn't matter, since Dems are of course tools of the elites, the globalists and George Soros).

Naturally, folks on the right who've been pushing "Great Replacement" drivel are furiously distancing themselves from the shooter, some by positing alternative theories (It was furries caused the shooting!) or by insisting that their own Great Replacement rhetoric is totally not to blame for the shooting, because they didn't turn up in the manifesto's Works Cited list.

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Once Roe's Overturned, Fetus Cultists Can't Wait To Start Executions, Oh Boy!

Maybe some light civil war, too, as needed.

You've probably already heard that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade next month as expected, some 26 states are set to ban most abortions almost immediately, because they either have old pre-Roe bans still on the books, or because they've passed "trigger" bans that will become effective the moment the Court rules, if not when CNN misreports the news.

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And while you might be worried about what the new legal hellscape will mean for reproductive health, women's rights, and other constitutional protections, you may want to keep in mind that people who have been looking forward to the end of Roe also have a lot of concerns about what comes next. Like, for starters, how soon can they start executing people for performing or getting abortions?

See, we're not so dissimilar, are we?

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fox news

Tucker Hates New Press Secretary, Guess Why, Bet You Can't

Yep, that's it!

Oh nothing, just Tucker Carlson analyzing the news through the lens of all his myriad inadequacies and masculinity complexes: the bathroom, the one he bragged about:

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