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NC Plantation's 'But How Did Emancipation Hurt White People?' Juneteenth Event Canceled

That does not seem like a thing that was ever going to end well.

Times are hard for historical plantations. No one wants to have their weddings at them anymore (at least not if they plan on running for office), as it is now considered unseemly to toss the bouquet in front of a row of slave cabins. It seems like it took a little long for that to be the case, but better late than never, we suppose.

In what appears to have been an attempt to get with the times, Latta Plantation in Huntersiville, North Carolina, planned an event for Juneteenth — the holiday celebrating June 19th, the day the last slaves were told they had been freed. You are probably thinking "Excuse me? A freaking plantation planning a Juneteenth event? That ... really does not seem like it would end well." And you would be right. It really did not. In fact it has been canceled entirely, following some very well-earned community outrage.

The event was to be titled "Kingdom Coming" and while the experiences of freed slaves would be considered, equal consideration was going to be given to feelings of the slave owners, the jobs of slave overseers and the plight of "white refugees" and Confederate soldiers coming home.

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Culture Wars

Wingnut Freaked Out By Woke Gay Homosexual Hobbitses

Sorry, Rod Dreher, slash is real.

Rod Dreher, the minor league rightwing pundit who has complained that liberal women are too busy masturbating to love their children, and who mourned the death of George Michael by wishing the late singer had been straight (Why? Dunno, maybe so Jesus could get his autograph?), has found a new Culture War thing to worry about, and it is woke academics ruining J.R.R. Tolkien with their wokeness.

In what might be the laziest culture war rant we've ever seen, Dreher, following up on a reader tip, warns that the Tolkien Society's summer seminar, scheduled to be held online July 3, is on the topic of "Tolkien and Diversity," and can you imagine, now those crazy liberals, not content with having poisoned the modern world with their wokeness, have gotten their hands on Middle Earth!

Dreher's entire column consists of a two-sentence intro, a copy-paste of an email announcing the conference, a list of the paper titles, and then a very funny joke about Hobbit buttsex.

That's it!

Obviously, the seminar must be worthless, since as we all know, Tolkien's world is exclusively white, straight, and probably Christian, or at least the man himself said that The Lord of the Rings is "a fundamentally religious and Catholic work." And now I have done more research for this blog post than Dreher did for his.

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Post-Racial America

Tom Cotton Claims Biden Incited Heretofore Unseen Racism, Sexism In The Military

These are definitely brand new problems!

Late last month, Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw announced his creation of a "woke ideology whistleblower" site where military personnel could send him their horror stories of being told that racism and sexism exist and are problems for those who experience them.

On Thursday, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas shared some of these findings with the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. With all the heartfelt sincerity in the world, he explained to Lloyd Austin, American's first black Defense Secretary, that racism and sexism were starting to happen in the military for the first time ever. Why? Because military personnel in some areas are being required to learn about these things and find that uncomfortable.

"We're hearing reports of plummeting morale, growing mistrust between the races and sexes where none existed just six months ago, and unexpected retirements and separations based on these trainings alone," Cotton said to Sec. Austin, hoping for sympathy.

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Culture Wars

So Now The New Yorker Is Doing Fox News's Job?

Nobody's canceling Dred Scott. At least, not any more than in 1857.

Wow, did you hear about those crazy libs who want law schools to stop teaching about the Supreme Court's 1857 Dred Scott decision because they're worried it'll trigger their snowflake students? It must be true, because it was covered by the New Yorker, not Ben Shapiro or OAN. This is where we point out that nothing of the sort has happened: Nobody's canceling Dred Scott v. Sandford in law schools, but the New Yorker did run a piece Tuesday suggesting it might be endangered. Problem is, the think piece was inspired not by a movement in law schools, but by a single Twitter discussion the author had seen, which suggested that the case might best be taught without reading much of the actual Supreme Court decision, because do you really need to wallow in all that racism?

The column, by Harvard Law prof and New Yorker contributor Jeannie Suk Gersen, makes a pretty strong argument for teaching Scott as an illustration of how norms of legal reasoning can result in a decision that's antithetical to human rights. It's actually a pretty good read, as long as you set aside the minor detail that it's all based on knocking down a straw man.

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