Donald Trump Keeps Changing WALL Design, Wants Spikes, Killer Bees

Paint It Black.

Donald Trump is not a man who thinks a lot about most matters of state. He doesn't know or care about the stupid details of little things like health care, diplomacy, or how tariffs actually work -- he keeps insisting that China pays them, not US importers. But the Washington Post reports there's one thing he really loves thinking about, in great detail: his big beautiful WALL, which he obsesses over like a creepy version of a little boy planning out his dream model train set. (Maybe a train to Dachau!) Trump keeps calling in officials tasked with building his dream and haranguing them about all sorts of details that he hopes will make WALL as cruel as possible -- as a deterrent to illegal border crossers, you know.

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President Taco Bowls Wants To Give Mexicans A Civics Test To Enter America

The best Mexicans are from Norway.

Donald Trump is expected to unveil his son-in-law's beautiful new plan to remake legal immigration in a speech this afternoon. The "merit based" immigration proposal isn't expected to actually get passed by Congress, but is more of a thing Republicans can point to and say, "See? We are common Elizabeth Warrens!" But Jared worked very hard on it, with lots of help from that nice Stephen Miller, and Trump told Jared he loves it. So it's a very good, very serious plan that Rs can rally around and accuse Democrats of refusing to support, which is the only thing that matters. And that is what counts for serious governance these days.

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Ben Carson Wants To Evict All The Anchor Babies

At least it will cost more and make all HUD housing worse.

The Trump administration just keeps rolling out the terrible ideas, with a new proposed rule for federal housing subsidies that's likely to result in tens of thousands of children losing their homes. The proposed rule for the Department of Housing and Urban Development would require that all members of any household getting subsidies be citizens or legal residents, which could lead to evictions of many families -- including those with American-born children who are citizens. How's that for GREAT AGAIN, huh?

Federal law already prohibits noncitizens from getting housing subsidies, but allows families with mixed immigration status to live in public housing or receive rent vouchers as long as at least one member of the family is a citizen or legal resident. The subsidies are then prorated, so only eligible family members get the subsidy. The new rule -- pushed by Trump's top immigration ghoul Stephen Miller, of course -- seeks to evict all undocumented residents, even though they aren't getting any taxpayer money, because THE LAW IS THE LAW, at least for brown people.

Problem is, HUD's own analysis of the effects of the rule indicates that roughly half of those who end up being kicked out are children, most of them holding legal status. The analysis predicts many families will become at least temporarily homeless; isn't that great?

Undocumented immigrants may no longer sign the leases of subsidized housing, even if their children are entitled to prorated benefits.

Approximately 25,000 households, representing about 108,000 people, now living in subsidized housing have at least one ineligible member, according to the HUD analysis.

Among these mixed-status households, 70 percent, or 76,000 people, are legally eligible for benefits — of whom 55,000 are children, HUD says. The vast majority live in California, Texas and New York.

Got that? Less than a third of the people in those mixed-status households are undocumented. So to punish them, we'll evict everyone, including their citizen children. Serves those kids right for not checking their parents' immigration status before getting born. Haha, we are joking -- Trump wants to eliminate birthright citizenship anyway, so really, this is just treating those kids like the noncitizens they should be, anyway, because the law is the law except when Donald Trump doesn't like the law.

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White House

Stephen Miller Had AWESOME Plan For 'Blitz' Against Immigrants But Kirstjen Nielsen Said No :(

Don't worry -- she was just worried about the logistics.

Shortly before they were fired in that huge purge of the Department of Homeland Security earlier this year, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Ron Vitiello really pissed off Donald Trump by opposing a brilliant administration plan that would have arrested "thousands of parents and children in a blitz operation against migrants in 10 major U.S. cities," according to the Washington Post. The idea was that ICE would swoop in and arrest a whole lot of families in a "show of force," thus scaring all potential migrants and asylum seekers from ever wanting to come to the US ever again. As we all know, previous shows of force, like taking children from their parents at the border, worked like a charm, or would have, if only they'd been a little more brutal.

According to "seven current and former" DHS officials who spoke to the post, the plan had been put forward in September of last year, and would have fast-tracked immigration court cases against families who'd come to the US after the end of last year's family separation policy, so they could be deported quickly. People who lost their sped-up cases or who failed to show up for hearings would be the targets, to shock and awe anyone who might think of trying to come to the US. The mass arrests "would have required coordinated raids against parents with children in their homes and neighborhoods."

But darn it, Nielsen and Vitiello were just no fun at all. They put the kibosh on the plan because they were

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Post-Racial America

Why Do All These Racists Keep Joining Turning Point USA?

It's a mystery wrapped in a racist riddle!

Turning Point USA is the conservative "nonprofit" that opposes so-called "liberal intolerance" on college campuses. It also has a racism tolerance problem. A video turned up recently showing a member of its Las Vegas chapter shouting "White power!" Even worse, if possible, the young woman next to him screams, "Fuck the n---as!" Her tone of voice implies she didn't mean the fun way. This embarrassed an organization that employed Candace Owens, so it already has a high tolerance for embarrassment. Turning Point USA released the following statement yesterday:


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Right Wing Extremism

Judge Set To Release Coast Guard Terrorist, Crosses Fingers No One Dies Before Trial

Whiteness is a hell of a drug.

Christopher Hasson is a former Coast Guardsman and current maniac. He stands accused of stockpiling weapons and assembling a hit list of prominent Democrats and journalists. Prosecutors said Hasson intended "to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country." But that's just their opinion. Hasson himself admits to wanting to commit "forced violence" to create a "white homeland." He could've just moved to Oregon and not kill anyone. We tend to think Hasson should stay in jail, far removed from anything that goes "boom," until his trial. However, a federal judge with limited judgment ruled Tuesday that Hasson can be released under the "strict supervision" of one of his in-laws. We presume that means there'll be at least a really strict curfew or something.

Judge Charles Day had given prosecutors two weeks to come up with "more serious charges" (huh?) or he'd consider the defense's motion to release Hasson. Day isn't a total fool. He has a "lengthy list of conditions" for Hasson's release. The government has an opportunity to appeal, but if that's rejected, Hasson could be free in a week. This is a very bad idea.

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Vote suppression

Just A Reminder: Texas Still Hates People Voting

Driving people to the polls is fraud? Sure why not.

Just wanted to check in with you all to remind you that the Texas Senate passed a really awful voter-suppression bill last month, since as you may have noticed, the whole thing blew up on Twitter all over again yesterday. As far as we can tell, there's not any new news about the bill, introduced by rightwing fartsack state Sen. Bryan Hughes, but we are very glad to see it getting renewed attention. Maybe even enough attention to make its passage in the Texas House a little less likely. No telling -- Texas Republicans have never liked voting, especially if poors or browns do it. And since the Texas secretary of state's attempt at a big voter purge failed in March, Hughes's Senate Bill 9 seems like the best shot for the Rs to take another swing at the ol' voter suppression piñata.

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Cops Behaving Badly

New Sandra Bland Video Shows ... Wait, After Four Years There's A New Sandra Bland Video?

A coverup? The hell you say.

Texas police stopped Sandra Bland for failing to signal a turn, and three days later, she was found hanging in a jail cell. Bland was apparently arrested on violation of an "uppity negress" ordinance. Trooper Brian Encinia claimed he repeatedly "feared for his life," but newly released video calls Encina's "scary black woman" defense into question.

Bland recorded the 39-second video with her cellphone. It wasn't publicly released until Monday as part of an investigative report airing on Dallas TV station WFAA. Authorities released Encina's dashcam footage but not Bland's recording of the 2015 encounter that led to her death. The video shows Bland with a cellphone in her hand. Cannon Lambert, a lawyer for the Bland family, says this weakens Encina's claim that Bland was an immediate bed-wetting threat.

LAMBERT: What the video shows is that Encinia had no reason to be in fear of his safety. The video shows that he wasn't in fear of his safety. You could see that it was a cellphone, he was looking right at it.
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Post-Racial America

Racist GA Mayor Needs To Get The F*KKK Out

Mayor claims city isn't ready for black town manager because she's racist.

Welcome to Post-Racial America! It's a magical place where the president calls black NFL players "sons of bitches" but actual Nazis "very fine people." It's also where a black job applicant is openly rejected because he's black and, well, did you notice how black he was?

Hoschton, Georgia, is 50 miles northeast of Atlanta. It's also 30 miles north of Athens, where we attended college and women of all colors rejected us based solely on the content of our character. Hoschton is 90 percent white, and the mayor is 100 percent racist. Theresa Kenerly reportedly told a member of the city council that she pulled Keith Henry's resume from consideration for city administrator "because he is black, and the city isn't ready for this." This was in March ... of 2019.

The state of Georgia was ready for a black woman governor if her opponent hadn't fixed the election. Kenerly thinks raggedy-ass Hoschton with its population of 1,870 can't cope with a black city administrator? Is it the town from Blazing Saddles?

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Post-Racial America

Comedian Jerry Falwell Jr. Now Supports 'Reparations' For Former Slave Donald Trump

Let's all jump Jim Crow.

Religious hack Jerry Falwell Jr. testified this weekend to the glories of President Pee Tape, and in the process he offended self-respecting black people every where.

This fool againTwitter

The stunning prose of Ta-Nehisi Coates wasn't enough. What finally convinced Falwell to hop on the reparations bandwagon is the mild inconvenience of a rich white guy who has gotten away with everything but murder (and his first term's not over yet). Doesn't Donald Trump himself owe Barack Obama two years of "presidential reparations" for promoting birtherism? Bill Clinton is also due a full four-years for the whole "Whitewater/Paula Jones/whatever they ended up impeaching him for" BS.

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Post-Racial America

Tennessee Speaker's Aide Tried To Frame Black Student Activist

And now everyone knows he's a racist POS :(

This past March, Vanderbilt University student Justin Jones was arrested for disorderly conduct and misdemeanor assault at the Tennessee state capitol. Authorities claim Jones threw a cup of coffee into an elevator, striking House Speaker Glen Casada and Covington Rep. Debra Moody when Jones and a dozen others showed up to protest the Nathan Bedford Forrest bust in the capitol. Forrest was a Confederate general and an early Klu Klux Klan leader, which is a benign way of saying "traitor and domestic terrorist." Still, coffee is hot (unless you're drinking it cold like a sucker) and shouldn't be tossed at people, even Republicans.

Jones was banned from the Capitol building and order to have no contact, caffeinated or otherwise, with Casada. Later, Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk filed a motion to revoke the divinity student's bond. The motion claimed Jones had sent an email to Casada's chief of staff, Cade Cothren, which copied Casada and violated the bond conditions. One problem: The photo of the email the DA received was dated March 1, a day after the no-contact order, but Jones had the original because it was, you know, an email. The actual date was February 25th, days prior to the alleged coffee-hurling incident.

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Stephen Moore Will Never Back Down, Never Surr-- Oh, Never Mind.


Never get high on your own supply side economics! Just this morning, crackpot conservative Stephen Moore told Bloomberg, "My biggest ally is the president. ... He's full speed ahead." With Commander Magic Votes by his side, how could he lose that vote for a spot on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors? Sure Joni Ernst was "not enthused," and Lisa Murkowski had "reservations," and Richard Shelby said he was "in trouble," and John Thune said his nomination would be "a heavy lift," and Shelley Moore Capito said it was "hard to look past" the one thousand racist and sexist things Moore said when he was just a wee charlatan making his way in the world.

Never mind all that, because Moore anticipated getting some Democratic support and even had a secret plot to charm that Iowa sourpuss Joni Ernst.

Just because she's 'no' today doesn't mean she's 'no' three months from now. The world is going to be very different two months from now.

But then Moore went on to criticize Trump's -- admittedly idiotic -- plan to dump jet fuel into America's already robust economy by slashing interest rates and issuing government bonds, as Obama did when he was trying to resuscitate America after the Bush recession. But Trump inherited a good economy, and you don't need a PhD in economics to work out that opening the lending spigot and making money FREE is likely to cause a bubble. Which is a lucky thing since Moore doesn't have a PhD in economics, unlike every other member of the Fed Board.

Sadly, Moore seems to have forgotten the first rule of Trump Club: Never talk mean about Trump Club. And now he's been quitfired from his zombie nomination -- never dead, in fact never even born, since Trump didn't bother to officially nominate him -- and reportedly won't get back his old plum job at CNN either. It's all terribly sad, really, or the opposite of that. (The opposite of that.)

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Post-Racial America

Trump Hates Immigrants. Well, He Hates Paying Them, Anyway.

Steal big. Steal little. Steal all damn day long.

Clearly the federal government is going to do fuck all about Trumpland's rampant crime spree. Bill Barr is spiking the Mueller Report into the end zone, with an assist from Republicans in the Senate and heavy cover from Hannity and Howler Monkeys. And the entire executive branch is lining up to resist oversight by shouting CONGRESS IS ILLEGAL and ignoring all subpoenas. Thank Crom for the state of New York! If Donald Trump wanted to commit all the crimes, allegedly, he should've headquartered his business in Missibamatucky and built that Trump Tower right next to the Piggly Wiggly in Real Murica. But instead he parked his ample haunches in the land of Letitia James, who is no doubt impressed with Tuesday night's Washington Post story about wage theft at Trump's garbage palace golf club in Briarcliff Manor, New York:

His bosses at the Trump country club called it "side work."

On some nights, after the club's Grille Room closed, head waiter Jose Gabriel Juarez — an undocumented immigrant from Mexico — was told to clock out. He pressed his index finger onto a scanner and typed his personal code, 436.

But he didn't go home.

Instead — on orders from his bosses, Juarez said — he would stay on, sometimes past midnight. He vacuumed carpets, polished silverware and helped get the restaurant at Trump National Golf Club Westchester in Briar­cliff Manor, N.Y., ready for breakfast the next day.

All off the clock. Without being paid.

"It was that way with all the managers: Many of them told us, 'Just clock out and then stay and do the side work,' " said Juarez, who spent a decade at the golf club, before leaving in May 2018. "There was a lot of side work."
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State/Local Politics

Idaho Republicans Very Sad For Lovelorn Austrian Nazi And US Sweetheart

Finally, an immigrant the GOP can sympathize with.

The GOP of Kootenai County, Idaho, went on record last week with a unanimous resolution to let an Austrian far-right figure come to the USA so he can marry his sweetheart, Twitter troll and rightwing irritant Brittany Pettibone, a resident of Post Falls. What? A white nationalist in northern Idaho? How novel! You know how it is with love -- sometimes the Coeur just won't stay in its d'Alene.

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Trump Gonna Stick His Hands Down Refugees' Pants, Steal Their Untold Riches

More theater of cruelty for the Trumpers.

In a memo posted yesterday, Donald Trump ordered his administration to start charging an application fee for people seeking asylum, because if there's one thing the man understands, it's that humanitarian assistance to people fleeing for their lives should at least raise some revenue. In addition, the memo would prevent any asylum seeker from getting a work permit if they cross the border illegally, and calls for all asylum cases to be adjudicated within 180 days. That's already the official policy, but saying it again ought to simply magic away the years-long backlog in the immigration courts. Particularly since there's nothing in the memo about actually adding any new immigration judges.

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Post-Racial America

Meghan McCain Wants To Jewsplain To (((Us?))) REALLY?

Go crap in the ocean.

GTFOH with that both sides BS! Like we Jews don't know who's shooting at us. Shouting "Ilhan Omar!" over and over won't hide the fact the the GOP brought these Nazis to the party. Republicans have been bedding down for decades with anti-Semites like Pastor John Hagee, who preach the Holocaust was part of the divine plan to get Jews out of Europe and into Israel to bring about Judgment Day. And now they're bringing the "very fine" tiki Nazis into the fold. Meanwhile, hate crimes against Jews jumped 37% between 2017 and 2019, and Saturday was the second synagogue shooting in six months. So Meghan McCain can spare (((us))) the crocodile tears about the anti-Semitic left endangering the poor Hebrews.

I do think when we're having conversations about anti-Semitism, we should be looking at the most extreme on both sides. And I would bring up Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and some of her comments that got so much attention, and in my opinion Nancy Pelosi wasn't hard enough in her response to her trafficking in anti-Semitic language, talking about 'all about the Benjamins,' and how Jewish people had hypnotized the world.

So, I think when you are talking about rhetoric, and you want to talk about President Trump -- and by the way I agree that he needs to have his feet held to the fire as well, but we're talking about it on both sides of the aisle as well.

WTF does Ilhan Omar have to do with some 8chan lunatic with an AR-15 whose manifesto refers to a medieval blood libel and who took credit for burning down a mosque? Nothing! And it's disgusting to use the body of Lori Kaye (may her name be for blessing), who was murdered trying to protect her rabbi, to bludgeon a Muslim congresswoman and the Democratic Party generally.

I have been critical of Omar's comments on Israel, but I sure as hell know who my friends are. See this picture of the Republican Jewish Coalition's Twitter page?

Notice anything funny, besides the fact that Liz Cheney got eaten by that eagle? Oh, right! The only two Republican Jews in Congress are Lee Zeldin and David Kustoff. Because despite furiously humping Benjamin Netanyahu's leg, Donald Trump is very, very Bad for the Jews. That's why upwards of 75 percent of us voted Democratic in 2018. Because unlike Megs -- "I don't technically have Jewish family that are blood-related to me doesn't mean that I don't take this seriously" -- those of us with actual skin in the anti-Semitism game know who is playing footsie with Nazis and who is not. Hint, it's not the party that sent 35 Jews to the House and Senate. But please, Mr. Trump, tell me more about how Chuck Schumer is anti-Israel, and Steven King is just a proud American.

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