Post-Racial America

Elizabeth Warren Has A New Deal For Native America

Pity the main response will be 'Hurr hurr, Pocahontas!'

Elizabeth Warren is doing her best to put together a comprehensive package of interlocking policies that could make the American economy and government fairer, more equitable, more kind, and just all around better. It's pretty damned impressive -- and on the whole, probably the most progressive set of policy reforms since the New Deal. For instance, take a look at her proposal for remaking policy concerning Native Americans and other indigenous Americans. It's frankly the most serious, comprehensive proposal we've ever seen for addressing the problems facing Tribal nations -- which is saying something in itself, since most candidates do well to even mention them as part of vague statements about minority groups in general. For most of American history, presidential involvement with Native people could be typified by that old photo of Calvin Coolidge stiffly wearing a suit and Lakota headdress.

The pity is, most coverage of Warren's detailed proposal will probably look like Politico's: the very briefest mention of its content with some solemn chin-stroking about whether it will be enough to overcome Warren's perceived weakness with Native Americans in the wake of her dumb DNA test, plus speculation on just how much mileage Donald Trump will get from the One Joke That Is Funnier Than Anything. The three Republicans who even read the proposal will complain Warren is merely promising Free Stuff to buy votes, which is only allowed when you're talking about oil and coal companies.

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Post-Racial America

Pretty Sure Diamond And Silk Are Black White Nationalists

If you have hate in your heart, let it out!

I'm getting super tired of Diamond and Silk, especially since at this point they've been running this con long enough for me to accidentally remember BOTH of their real Government names, Lynette Hardaway (Fucking Diamond), and Rochelle Richardson (Goddamn Silk). I have long despised both trolls; I've hated their hair, their animal print, their dumb facial expressions, their jiggin' and jivin', but most of all? I have hated the way they prop up the most vile white supremacy in our government, and it's time to start calling that shit out.

Often we, Black Democrats, behave like White Democrats when it comes to Black Republicans. We don't know what the fuck to say when these minstrel shows pop up and embarrass us and our entire race by being stereotypical, utterly obnoxious, and lying their black asses off for fun and profit. We try not to single them out when they behave like they're the lead actors in a blaxploitation film, or extras on the Black Jesus episode of Good Times, but enough is enough. They must be stopped. And guess what white Liberals? It's perfectly fine for you to call them out too.

People who know me know that I would NEVER expound upon things that do not directly concern me: "If the business ain't mine it don't make me no never-mind" has long been my motto. But. They must be stopped.

They are the black faces of White Nationalism.

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Post-Racial America

A$AP Rocky Did Not Thank Trump For Getting Him Out (?) Of Swedish Jail


Trump's New Black Friend, A$AP Rocky, won't be doing any jail time on that assault charge he racked up in Sweden, and, maybe too, he won't end up being Trump's New Black Friend after all. At least Trump will finally be able to say he helped a black man out for free, and not have it be a complete fucking lie. And to be sure, it actually looks like Trump may be partially the reason Sweden gave A$AP Rocky a pass, and said "you don't come need to back, just pay $1,300."

Trump has spent weeks playing hostage negotiator, and believe me, he sure got tough with mean old Sweden. He HAD to. Everyone knows Sweden is such a brutal dictatorial regime that they'll put bananas, peanuts, chicken, cream, bacon, and chili sauce in a casserole, and follow you around trying to get you to "Just try one bite, you'll LOVE IT!" He had no choice.

The president ramped up the pressure on Sweden, a longtime ally, beginning with a cordial phone call to the prime minister, then critical messages on Twitter, and, finally, by dispatching a special envoy for hostage affairs, Robert O'Brien, to watch over the trial.

Yes, that says he sent in a goddamn hostage negotiator for a low level assault case. Um? Okay. I think it may be time for me to start rapping, just in case I ever fuck up so bad I need Trump's help. No, on second thought, just let me die, I don't want Trump to get any credit.

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Appeals Court: All God's Children Get Soap

Yes, even if they're in cages. And about those cages...

A federal appeals court has rejected the Trump administration's claim that detained immigrant children don't necessarily need little luxuries like soap, toothbrushes, edible food, or even a place to sleep. In a ruling yesterday, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said the government really and truly does have to comply with the 1997 Flores agreement that sets requirements for how the government treats undocumented children in detention.

Flores requires children be held in "safe and sanitary conditions," but in June, DOJ lawyer Sarah Fabian argued that since the consent decree doesn't specifically define "safe and sanitary," then the government can treat detained kids however it wants, as long as it's not actively injuring them too badly. You're alive and not up to your needs in filth? You're safe and sanitary! Next you'll be complaining the water in cells tastes like bleach, even though bleach is very very sanitary indeed.

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Post-Racial America

Corey Lewandowski, Who Has Absolutely No Skeletons In His Closet, May Run For NH Senate

Oh, noes!

Ye gods, not Corey Lewandowski! It would be so terrible if he decided to challenge New Hampshire Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen next year. With his formidable resume and endorsement by Donald Trump, he'd be a shoo-in!

Sure this scrappy conservative's political career got off to a rocky start with his 7,157-7 loss in the 1994 Massachusetts House of Representatives race. But look how much he improved his margin by 2012 when he only lost the race to be treasurer of Windham, New Hampshire by, 1,941-714. All he does is win!

Well, except for that time in 1997 when he forgot about the loaded handgun in his laundry bag and got arrested and charged with a misdemeanor when he tried to bring it into the Longworth House Office Building. Who carries a loaded handgun in a laundry bag? Who brings his laundry to Congress? Corey Lewandowski, that's who!

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Cops Behaving Badly

'Black Friends' Forgot To Vet Holy-F*ckballs Racist Video For NYPD Union Boss

His black friends are probably the 'good ones.'

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, is in mildly tepid water for acting like a common Donald Trump this weekend and sharing openly racist content on social media. The SBA is New York's second largest police union, because the NYPD needs a lot of help avoiding accountability for strangling black men in public. Mullins also hyped the video in a deranged email he sent to union members on Saturday.

"Pay close attention to every word. You will hear what goes through the mind of real policemen every single day on the job. This is the best video I've ever seen telling the public the absolute truth."

Mullins didn't give the video four stars or two thumbs-up or anything, but it's probably on his short list for 2019's Most Outstanding Achievement In Racist Videos. Radio host and conspiracy theorist Willie Shields reads a letter from an unnamed "street cop" who complains that police are "continuously cut down at the knees and stripped of their abilities to do their jobs in the name of 'criminal justice reform.'" He claims police in "urban environments" valiantly choose to play a game of "try not to die."

"When a suspect chooses to run from police, it's never for anything good. When a suspect flees a [police] car at night in the projects, it can only be for something incredibly bad."

This is not entirely true or at least the motivations for running are more complex than the anonymous officer assumes.

One of the most astonishing aspects of police work in an urban environment is that almost literally no one has a job. Section 8 scam artists and welfare queens have mastered the art of gaming the taxpayer. Bounce from baby mama to baby mama, impregnate as many women as possible. She gets the welfare benefits and you get the flop house benefits.

We're just five minutes into the 15-minute video and it's already earned an "R" rating for "racist."

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Post-Racial America

Republicans Shocked SHOCKED At Steve King Saying That Part Out Loud

They don't know her!

Oh, NOW the GOP wants to get rid of Steve King? Not when he accused undocumented immigrants of being drug smugglers with "calves the size of cantaloupes"? Not when he referred to the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib as "hazing"? Not when he said Muslims shouldn't be allowed to work in meat-packing plants? Not when he suggested cutting food stamps "for people who have not worked in three generations"? Not when he suggested using electrified cattle fences to keep out migrants? Not when he said, "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies"? Not when he referred to Mexican immigrants as "dirt"? Not when he spewed his poison about white genocide and the "great replacement" theory?

All that was merely distasteful, a shame, inappropriate, tut tut. But now that he's facing a rematch against J.D. Scholten, after barely eking out a three-point win in an R+11 district last year, now they want him gone?

There aren't enough jerk off gifs in the world for this bullshit.

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Milwaukee Teens Do Anti-ICE Art, Freak Out The Squares

ABOLISH ... you know the drill!

A Milwaukee Art Museum program for artsy young folks puts art into motion every summer by letting the kids design a mural wrap applied to a bus, or sometimes to a bus shelter. This year, the kids decided to do some current events, and designed a wraparound mural depicting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers separating kids from their families, as well as a multi-ethnic we're (almost) all immigrants here message for the back of the bus.

The art pissed off a member of the county board of supervisors, who declared it to be anti-police (sure, though just one federal agency) and "racist," so the kids did a fine job of triggering the cons. Even better, the art museum, which paid the Milwaukee County Transit System for the bus wrap like any other advertiser, backs the kids completely and says it supports the young artists' decision to make art that's meaningful to them.

Let's art!

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Cops Behaving Badly

Bill Barr: Fascism Is Freedom, And Resistance Is Futile

You wanna hear something REALLY scary?

Attorney General William P. Barr made a bit of news Monday when he said he was "appalled" that Jeffrey Epstein managed to kill himself while in federal custody. As he should have been, although it's also appalling that the conditions at the Manhattan jail where Epstein died are seen as nigh unto torture by civilized countries. But some other words coming out Barr's mouth-hole Monday haven't gotten nearly as much attention. Barr gave a speech to the national convention of the Fraternal Order of Police in New Orleans where he explained some very simple facts about how the Trump administration sees law enforcement: It's all about a war to impose order on evil people who keep thinking they have rights. It was an impressive display of support for Tuff Guy policing, if you're impressed by a bit of casual fascism.

Barr's speech used all the expected cop-loving tropes you'd expect from the Right, repeatedly invoking the "thin blue line" that stands between civilization and anarchy, as if Errol Morris's 1988 film hadn't weighed the phrase down with irony even before Barr's first stint as attorney general under George H.W. Bush. Cops, you see, are brave and fearless and they protect us all. For a certain value of "us all."

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Post-Racial America

You Guys, The Fifth Circuit Ruled *For* The Welfare Of Indian Children

We almost don't know what to say, yes we do, here's all of it!

Something weird happened last week: The Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals did something ... good.

Yeah, it's weird.

Texas Governor-in-Waiting/Attorney General Ken Paxton, joined by the AGs of Louisiana and Indiana, is suing in an attempt to get courts to declare that white people have a right to steal Native American kids from their families and redistribute them amongst themselves. A district court judge obliged. Then, last week, the Fifth Circuit pushed back.

If I think too long about what it means that the Fifth Circuit is the voice of reason, here, I might start to bleed from my ears. So instead I'm just going to raise my glass to this rare Nice Time brought to us courtesy of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

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Chris Cuomo's Name Isn't 'Fredo' So Watch What You Say

Hey, we get to talk about 'The Godfather'!

Some random jerk approached CNN's Chris Cuomo last weekend and called him "Fredo," which is not his name. Cuomo was not amused.

CUOMO: Punk ass bitches from the right call me Fredo. My name is Chris Cuomo. I'm an anchor on CNN. Fredo is from "The Godfather." He was a weak brother.

Wow, this guy pissed Cuomo off so much he started free-styling like Eminem in 8 Mile. The weaksauce explanation is that the "fan" didn't know Cuomo's real name and genuinely thought he was "Fredo" because that's what Rush Limbaugh calls him. Limbaugh hosts a (terrible) radio show. It's unlikely that the "fan" could recognize Cuomo in public without having seen him on TV. We don't buy that the guy thought Cuomo was Limbaugh's Baba Booey. He also had someone with him spontaneously recording the encounter.

Cuomo asked if the guys were Italian and explained that he considered "Fredo" an ethnic slur.

CUOMO: It's an insult to your people. It's like the n-word for us.

The guy soon dropped character and "jokingly" claimed the furious Cuomo was "more reasonable" in person than on television. Maybe he thought he could act like a common Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and not get his ass beat, but Cuomo wasn't having it.

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Nice Liberal Man Here To Tell You Trump Isn't The White Supremacist He So Obviously Is

Kevin Drum, what is even going on?

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones wants to reassure us that Donald Trump isn't a white supremacist. He's not even a racist. Could've fooled anyone conscious! Drum is neither a minority nor presumably a white supremacist/racist, but what he lacks in firsthand experience, he makes up for with his pedantic command of "words and phrases." They possess "actual meanings," he'll have you know, which he'll now explain to us pathetic slobs.

DRUM: A white supremacist is someone who believes as an ideology that the white race is inherently superior to and should dominate all other races. Adolf Hitler was a white supremacist. Jefferson Davis was a white supremacist. For that matter, pretty much everyone in Europe (or descended from European stock) before about 1900 was a white supremacist.

White people have a tiresome habit of restricting the definition of "white supremacist" to literally the worst humans who ever walked the earth. It's uncomfortable to consider George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln "white supremacists," which they all were even by Drum's own terminology. American white supremacy as an ideology didn't end after the Civil War. It was the law of the land for most of the 20th Century, and even after the Civil Rights Movement, it never truly vanished. It persisted in more pernicious forms. You might know it as "white flight" or the Reagan administration. Racial profiling, stop and frisk ... it's all white supremacy as policy.

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How Are America's Gun Jerks And Terrorists Keeping Us Safe This Week?

Mostly by getting arrested, so ... yay?

The week since the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings has been awfully busy for America's heavily armed sociopath demographic! There have been a spate of bizarre gun threats involving Walmart, not to mention a bunch of white supremacists who got arrested after threatening mayhem in other locations. Plus the formal charges against the guy who threatened to shoot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in late July, but who can remember the dim, misty past of three weeks ago?

Then again, every week is a busy one for Americans and their guns, with roughly 100 Americans dying by gunshot daily -- about 60 percent are suicides, about a third are homicides, and then there are accidents and "other" to round out the rest. Small price to pay to ensure we can overthrow the government like Thomas Jefferson wanted! For a nice depressing read, check out this Reuters overview of just a fraction of the gun deaths in the week between the mass shooting in Gilroy, California, and the murder sprees in Texas and Ohio.

On top of the normal background radiation of the 800 Americans dead (give or take, depending on the breaks) in routine shootings since Dayton, we've had a notable round of crazies with guns who were stopped from shooting anyone, at least so far. Let's tally those up, starting with an assload of threats involving Walmart, where low prices and uncertain odds of walking out alive are just the beginning.

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Post-Racial America

Anthony Scaramucci Taps Out ... Long After The Ref Called The Match


Oh, noes! We've had another Scaramucci outbreak. Quick, grab the cortisone and start rubbing before it spreads!

That's right, the Mooch is back, baby. Do you have questions about Donald Trump's mental competence? Or who in Washington can suck his own cock? Or perhaps the finer plot points of The Wizard of Oz?

Clearly you need to have done A LOT of drugs to parse that analogy, but if we had to guess, he's saying Donald Trump is a crazy melted green witch, so all the Republicans will now abandon him and become Friends of Dorothy for Mike Pence.

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Stephen Miller Finally Gets 'F*ck The Poors' Immigration Rule He Always Wanted

Give me your rich, your entrepreneurial, your elites wanting to buy condos from the Kushner Companies.

One of Stephen Miller's top priorities for fucking over America's legal immigration system is finally about to take effect, assuming it survives the many lawsuits that will be thrown at it. The new rule would sharply restrict the ability of low-income people to get permanent residency or even temporary visas by screening out virtually all applicants who have ever used federal assistance like Medicaid, food stamps, or public housing. The rule will be published in the Federal Register Wednesday, and then go into effect in October, despite an overwhelming majority of public comments opposing the change.

The rules are an attempt to inject steroids into a relic of the Immigration Act of 1882, which prohibited immigration by anyone deemed likely to become a "public charge" -- that is, likely to become a burden to the taxpayer. That term was never explicitly defined by Congress, so Miller and his allies in the Trump administration decided it should be defined as restrictively as possible, to keep out anyone who's used any of a whole raft of public assistance programs for any amount of time.

Let's emphasize right up front that this is not about undocumented immigrants: This is an attempt to punish legal migrants who legally received benefits that Congress said they legally qualify for.

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Post-Racial America

Racist Trump Loves Racism, Hates Being Called Racist (Womp Womp, What A Racist!)

This post is about the president's feelings.

Know what Donald Trump hates? Being called a racist. Know what Donald Trump loves? Being racist. What a pickle he is in, if the pickle was wearing a red costume like the grand wizard of the KKK wears!

There are two articles out that are more fun when you put them next to each other. They are about the two subjects we just mentioned.

First up is the Washington Post, which reports that Trump is "vexed" about how to "shed the label" of "racist," which happens to be one of the best labels you can put on the man. (Another good one is "stupidest American in the history of the world." Also "Little Paws.") Apparently he has ALWAYS hated this, even though he has ALWAYS been a big old dumbfuck racist.

"For them to throw out the race word again — racist, racist, racist," Trump told reporters Friday as he departed the White House for a week-long vacation at his private golf club in Bedminster, N.J. "They call anybody a racist when they run out of cards."

Or when they are a racist.

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