Potbelly Sandwich Works Has Gone Rogue

Potbelly Sandwich Works Has Gone Rogue

We do not question the quality of the Potbelly sandwich or the cookies and fine shakes, for that matter. But there have been some changes at Potbelly Sandwich Works. Big changes. Changes that may take some getting used to. The sandwiches, they’ve gotten bigger. And the rest of the menu makes no sense at all.

The sandwiches are, to be exact, 30% bigger. Not quite so big that you can share it with a friend and feel full, but big enough that if you eat the whole thing you’re guaranteed to be in a food coma -- a no-no if you actually feel like being productive after lunch. At the same time, it’s impossible to be full after just eating the regular size and the bigger size is only a dollar more.  It's like Potbelly’s wants you to eat more, get fat, and be lazy. Maybe they're just bummed because Obama had a craving for a hamburger and not a sandwich, and went all the way to Virginia to get said hamburger when there is a Potbelly’s AROUND THE CORNER FROM HIS OFFICE.

Potbelly Sandwich Works also changed the "Skinny" sandwich. A Skinny is no longer less meat, less cheese, and thin-cut bread for $4.  Now, if you order a "skinny turkey" it’s just less bread, but the same amount of cheese and turkey (learned that the hard way).

If you want less meat, less cheese and less bread, you need to use one of their fancy new sandwich names: "TKY," "Mushroom Melt" or "Hammie." HAMMIE? Really?

Lingering questions include: Will they now be making a small sandwich? With the creation of the bigger sandwiches are they admitting the regular sandwich is not satisfying? If yes, will they be doing away with the regular size? Will the shakes soon be coming in different sizes? Will other sandwiches also be given corny names and offered in a skinny option? Are they going organic???

The new Potbelly's menu is cause for great concern.

Potbelly Sandwich Works, everywhere.

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