Man Deballed By Nancy Pelosi Very Sad He Now Got No Balls

Oh James Rosen. Have some self-respect.

Nancy Pelosi thoroughly schooled a bootlicker for spewing a bunch of GOP talking points at a press conference, and where are we? Oh, here for it!

At yesterday's press conference, Sinclair journalist James Rosen, formerly of Fox News, incoherently spewed a bunch of Republican talking points at the speaker of the House, in the vague form of a question.

After spewing some "BLAH BLAH BLAH WHISTLEBLOWER TRUMP HAS RIGHTS" nonsense for a while, Rosen finally got to his question:

I wonder if you could explain to the American people why the legal rights of the whistle-blower should prevail in this political setting over those of President Trump, who should ordinarily enjoy a right to confront his accuser?

Rosen is parroting the GOP's latest moronic talking point, that the Sixth Amendment says Trump gets to put the whistleblower's life at risk. Of course, that's not at all what the Sixth Amendment does. I've already written about this -- TWICE! -- but just as a reminder, the Sixth Amendment very specifically applies to criminal trials, which impeachment is decidedly not. And even if this were a criminal trial, Trump would not have the right to confront the whistleblower unless his testimony was used as evidence in the criminal case. Let's learn more. Or relearn it. Unlike James Rosen.

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Fed Society Founder Steve Calabresi Was A Dick But He Was Smart. The Daily Caller Ruined That Too

Jamie used to respect this guy, her old professor. His thoughts on 'Constitution' and 'impeachment' are YIKES.

If we wrote about it every time the Daily Caller published bootlicking bullshit with no legal or factual basis, we wouldn't have time to do anything else. But this isn't just your typical Daily Caller drivel. It was "written" (allegedly) by none other than Steven Calabresi, one of the founders of the Federalist Society. And it is one of the dumbest things I have ever read.

It's bad. It's really bad. It's bad even for 2019. It's bad even for a defense of Donald Trump. I might even go as far as to say it's bad even for the Daily Caller, and the fact that that's even a possibility should tell you how bad it really is.

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Trump Lawyer Threatening CNN Can Eat Sh*t, Charles


Charles Harder is one of the worst people you've probably never heard of.

Harder fancies himself a lawyer to the stars. He has made a career of fighting against free speech, on behalf of terrible people. Harder is Peter Thiel's go-to thug and revels in being the guy who killed Gawker.

So now, he's representing the Trump 2020 campaign. Because of course he is.

On Friday, Harder sent a completely batshit diatribe to CNN's president, Jeff Zucker, who has recently become one of President Crazy's favorite targets. In the letter, Harder manages to check several important Trump boxes. Invoking conspiracy theories? Check. Ranting about the mainstream media? Check. Threatening a completely bogus lawsuit to get your way? Check. Accusing other people of doing exactly what you're doing? Check. Doing it based on secret tapes by James O'Keefe? OH COME ON.

Here's the full letter.

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Four Different Federal Courts Told Trump to Go F*ck Himself Yesterday


Yesterday, in federal courts from DC and New York to Texas and California, Trump got his ass handed to him.

That's right. In issues ranging from Trump's tax returns to screwing over immigrants and building his racist wall, federal judges around the country said "Fuck no" and put the kibosh on some of this fuckery. And since a Trump loss is basically always a win for humanity, let's put on our dancing shoes and celebrate these Nice Times!


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