2020 presidential election

Obama Just Saying If You Don't Get Your Sh*t Together And Vote, America Is Over

Not very subtle, sir!

"If anyone had a right to believe that this democracy did not work, and could not work, it was THOSE Americans."Barack Obama, angrily

One of the themes of this week's Democratic National Convention — which has just been really good, we bet RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel is wishing the GOP had, like, planned one — has been that Donald Trump is fundamentally incapable of meeting the moment. Any moment. The presidency, the current challenges we face, stairs, ramps. Trump has never met any moments.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' addresses to the convention have met the moment. On Monday night, Michelle Obama pulled the fuckin' fire alarm, in a way we're not used to seeing her do. Last night, her husband former President Barack Obama did the same, in a way he doesn't do. And he was just saying that if you don't get over your shit and vote, America is over. (Which is a bit of an escalation from "DON'T BOO, VOTE," we think.)

He kept saying it. "That's what's at stake right now. Our democracy." Your cynicism about voting? Trump and his Republicans, who are no longer an American party, are counting on it. "That's how a democracy withers, until it's no democracy at all."

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2020 presidential election


You're not gonna want to change the channel for this one.

What was your favorite part of night two of the Democratic National Convention? Ours was when a buncha cats dressed up like the Antifas and made Joe Biden swear an oath to always do whatever Antifa says, and also to obey cats. It was pretty cool.

OK fine actually one of our favorite parts was when former acting attorney general Sally Yates busted Trump's ass for how he "fawns over" Vladimir Putin. Wanna watch it again?

Sally Yates speaks at 2020 DNC www.youtube.com

We also, of course, loved the roll call, which should ALWAYS from now on be done on Zoom and aired during the primetime parts of the convention. It was so personal and fun, and was just a really nice message to America that said "Hey! America! Isn't every single Democrat so much cuter and more fun and smarter and way better in bed than stinky Trump deplorables? Ewwwwwwww gross hate them!"

Wanna watch it again?

2020 Democratic National Convention Roll Call Vote www.youtube.com

Now it is night three! Which means it is KAMALA NIGHT!

Kamala Harris Eye Roll GIF by Election 2020 Giphy

That's right, tonight Senator and VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE Kamala Harris will be the headliner. Or one of 'em anyway.

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2020 presidential election

Kamala Harris Is Your New Vice President, Now Let's Go Win This Motherf*cker

Called it ages ago.

KAMALA HARRIS! All right, kids, let's do this!

Old Handsome Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris to be the next vice president of the United States. Which ... Ann Coulter, you were SO CLOSE.

Wow, Republicans are getting better at comedy, and the left is worried.

Anyway, Wonkette would like to be the first to say congratulations to the first woman vice president of the United States, who will also be the first Black vice president, first Black woman vice president, first Indian-American vice president, first Asian-American vice president, and just a whole lot of other firsts.

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Here Is Your Thread For Watching Barack Obama Eulogize American Hero John Lewis

Good trouble.

The memorial service for congressman and American hero John Lewis began at 11 a.m. in Atlanta. Three living presidents will speak: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, who will perform the eulogy. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will also deliver remarks.

As we publish this, Dubya has just finished speaking. Then it'll be Clinton, Pelosi and, in a little while, Barack Obama.

Donald Trump is nowhere to be found, because fuck him. Oh yeah, he's threatening to delay the election.

What was that John Lewis always said about Good Trouble?

Watch with us. Oh yeah, and read the op-ed Lewis wrote in the New York Times, which he asked to be printed on the day of his funeral.

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