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Joe Biden Coming To Take Your Guns Away. Yes, *Again*.

You'd think he'd have gotten them all by now.

President Biden traveled to Monterey Park, California, Tuesday, where he met with family members of the victims of the Lunar New Year mass shooting in January that killed 11 people and left nine wounded. While there, he announced a new executive order to increase background checks prior to firearms sales, a measure the White House says will move the US "as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation." In addition, the order promotes adoption and awareness of "red flag" laws to keep guns out of the hands of people who may be a danger to themselves or others, and directs the Cabinet to "develop a proposal for how the federal government can better support communities after a mass shooting," much like the way the government coordinates emergency responses to natural disasters.

Here's video of Biden's remarks in Monterey Park;


It's worth a listen; Biden briefly names and says a little about each of the victims, doing that absolutely necessary work of public mourning for which he's had too much practice.

Biden also led a standing ovation for Brandon Tsay, the hero who disarmed the shooter at the second dance studio that night, preventing him from hurting anyone else. Tsay was also Biden's guest at the State of the Union address this year.

As he wrapped up, Biden departed from his usual "God bless you all, and may God protect our troops." Instead, he simply said, "God bless you all. I admire you so damn much."

Whew. We're not crying, you are, etc.

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Nice Time

Joe Biden: Ron DeSantis Going To Hell For Bullying Trans Kids (OK, It's *Implied*)

Nice time!

President Joe Biden sat down for an interview on "The Daily Show" last night, with Kal Penn, the actor/comedy guy and former Obama White House aide, to talk about climate change, the youth vote, student loan forgiveness, and the awful GOP attempts to attack LGBTQ+ folks for political gain. And while he stopped short of endorsing anyone to replace Trevor Noah as permanent host of the "Daily Show," Biden still made some news by saying he thinks Republican efforts to restrict the rights of trans people is "close to sinful," by which I think he meant "actually sinful."

Here's the full interview; the discussion of the appalling backlash against LGBTQ+ rights comes at 13:40.


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White House

Joe Biden's 2024 Menu: The Rich.


President Joe Biden on Thursday rolled out his proposed budget for fiscal 2024, an ambitious plan that would raise taxes on the rich and on corporations while expanding the social safety net. It would cut nearly $3 trillion from the federal deficit over the next decade by imposing a 25 percent minimum tax on the richest Americans. If you want to read the entire 185-page document, have at it!

Of course, it also won't do a single bit of that, because Republicans won't pass any of the major parts of the plan, particularly not the tax increases, but also not the social safety net parts like paid family leave, childcare, or Biden's plan to rescue the Medicare trust fund for at least 25 years.

Not a bit of it will become law except the most routine keep-things-as-they-are parts, which will no doubt end up in yet another omnibus spending bill passed barely in time to avoid a government shutdown. If then. Oh, also, the part that increases defense spending by about 3.2 percent, to over $835 billion, will probably do just fine. But whatever defense budget eventually passes in the fall won't be accompanied by the tax increases that would make the expenditures slightly less odious.

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