Powerful Lesbian Will Be President

Will she have to wear that awful pink blazer? - WonketteAmerica is moving out of the closeted-gay/sex-criminal Bush Era to a bold new "out and proud" world, according to FOX, which has hired a lesbian lady to be president.

Cherry Jones, a Broadway actor and Tony Award winner and lesbian, will become the president of teevee on "24," which is a show that fulfills the desperate fantasies of mouth-breathing Americans who want weekly terrorist attacks in America. But it's not all good news for the actress who actually looks just like that "Royale With Cheese" lady who almost became president of France. According to websites, there are always new presidents on "24" because the old ones are blown up, tortured to death by the Army, executed, etc.

Cherry Jones Cast as the President on "24" [After Ellen]


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