PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely

As John at Reference Tone has observed, the most depressing thing about the newly declassified Iraqi invasion planning documents is that they seem to have been put together by David Brent. Less a roadmap to American-style democracy than a series quasi-motivational "succesories" posters, they seem to envision a post-war Iraq where "insurgents" are those who refuse to put the new cover sheets on their TPS reports. But to say they completely misread the situation on the ground would be unfair. Take a look at this hard-won nugget of insight:

Powerpoint Is Evil
Unfortunately, someone forgot to workshop whether "glowsticks up prisoners asses" also flunked the focus group test.

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 163 [The National Security Archive]

This Page Has Purposely Been Left Blank [Reference Tone]

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