Thursday, November 18 through Sunday, November 21: Provided you survive your touchy-feely airport experience, a week from today you will be eating cranberries from a can and watching teevee footage of large floats wandering the streets of New York, to give thanks for smallpox blankets and other Important things. Prepare for the Fun that is spending time with family by spending this weekend drinking. Zaytinya is making this easy by hosting an Ouzo Celebration, where they will be offering a flight of three Ouzos for $12.  [Zaytinya]

  • Monday, November 22: Only a few more weeks left for the drinking of beer and eating of meat while watch men in tight tights hit each other, for fun. Don't miss Hudson Restaurant and Lounge's Monday Night Football deal: Angus Prime Burgers are $5 and Miller Lites are $4. [Hudson Restaurant and Lounge]
  • Tuesday, November 23: Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N' Fruity, IHOP has come to town and next Tuesday they will be giving a FREE short stack to the first 1,500 customers. What is becoming of this city -- yet another brunch establishment where the food comes in LARGE portions? We do not know. BUT, if having a new affordable restaurant in D.C. that will give lots of people jobs saddens you, the gourmet cupcake shop Crumbs Bakery will be giving out 1,000 cupcakes for FREE on Friday, November 19. [IHOP: Prince of Petworth/Crumbs Bakery 1,000 Cupcake Giveaway: PQ Living]
  • New Food: A new luxury sports bar, Redline, has opened in D.C., and it is yet another place where you can fulfill your lifelong dream of pouring yourself a beer while sitting at a table in a money-making establishment. Haha, what kind of luxury bar makes you do your own work? [RedLine]
  • Food Trucks: District Taco was once just a food truck, but it has gone and opened a "brick and mortar" establishment. This means that you can eat their tacos while under a roof, and all waiting will take place inside. Does going from truck to restaurant break some sort of food truck code? Are we allowed to like the restaurant as much as the truck? We are UNCOMFORTABLE with this new development and the many unanswered questions it brings. [District Taco]

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