Premiere of "Diary of a Political Tourist": Kind of Random Party Report

A Wonkette operative braved the remnants of Jeanne last night and stuck it out at the Mayflower for the entire screening of Alexandra Pelosi's new documentary, "Diary of a Political Tourist." (It starts showing on HBO Oct. 11.) It's a breezy sequel to her breezy 2000 doc, "Journeys with George," only this time Pelosi had less access and more money, which may explain why the movie had the approximately the same running time as "Shoah." That guests appeared to leave the hall only two hours later must have been due to the same bend in the space-time continuum that allowed Pelosi to raid Nancy Reagan's closet for her dress that night. No, seriously: Red sequins, very hottt.

Some of the famous-for-D.C. crowd who weren't deterred by the torrential rain: Newsweek's dashing Mike Isikoff, CNN's Ed Henry, Mom Pelosi (natch), NYT's Kit Seelye, the eerily coifed John McLaughlin and Donovan (we hear, can't confirm as we are not over 40). Lots of people appeared to have handed over invites to assistants. As one operative put it: "There are way too many 22-year-old girls here." Regarding the movie itself, well, it has a lot to teach us:

It's much harder to get an interview with a candidate after they start winning.

If you need to talk to the President, just have your mother take you to the next White House event she's invited to!

John Edwards is hot.

Democracy is good.

The media sometimes undermine democracy.

Someone in the Kerry campaign "dirty danced" with Alexandra Pelosi in New Orleans.

HBO News will talk to just about anybody.

Choose, Lose or Snooze [Newsweek]


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