Prepare Yourself: We Have Come Unstuck In Time

Well look at what we went and did! We plum forgot to do a Links post for Happy for the last three days, for which the responsible parties will be sought out and disparaged. (Rebecca's pretty sure it was Dok, Dok's pretty sure it was Rebecca, and Sara was living the High Life in Vegas but is now preparing to go to a Shamanic Healing Workshop or some such.)

And so, let's see what we need to catch you up on!


Sara is still freaked out by a Shakespears Sister video flashback from childhood.

We explained that you can actually enjoy Las Vegas without gambling, drinking, paying for sex, or using any of the survival supplies from a B-52 bomber.

We brought you a guide to throwing the best bachelorette party ever.

Dan took a break from the World Cup to look at just how awful Donald Sterling has been during his court case (spoiler: pretty awful).

And Kaili, to no one's surprise, was Mad About A Thing, in this case, spineless Democrats who compromise on women's healthcare coverage.


"You People and Your Problems" tackled the thorny question of what a gal should do when her man's ex is a bunny-boiling maniac.

We started a new short fiction feature: "Let's Imagine a Terrible Backstory for This Anthropologie Model." Chilling!

We watched a Ninja Sex Party and didn't even get arrested.

We took a serious look at Sweat, Baby, Sweat.

Kaili was good 'n' mad at Todd Akin's new "book," as if any other reaction would even make sense.


Rachel Maddow had a laugh at Lyndon Johnson's nuts and Richard Nixon's weird ideas about girls what cuss.

"You People and Your Problems" helped a reader decide whether she's depressed, hates her job, or both.

We watched one of the weirdest Social Hygiene movies of the last century, Are You Popular?

Our short fiction series continued with "Let's Imagine a Terrible Backstory for This J. Crew Model." You will never see the twist ending coming! Oh, maybe now you will.

Dan totally apologized and stuff for suggesting that July is a dead zone for sports, because women's sports, for godssakes.

You-know-who felt you-know-what-emotion about people (both Jewish and not Jewish at all) telling Jews how they should gop about being Jewish.

And now we are all caught up and you have a shit-ton to read!

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