Pres. Reminds Minnesota That He Cares About Their Collapsing Bridges

President Bush traveled to Minnesota to raise money for dirtbag Senator Norm Coleman, and while he was there he did a little favor for Governor Tim Pawlenty, who hopes to make a career of this whole Republican up-and-comer thing. The weeks-old 35W bridge collapse is now a federal emergency, netting Minnesota instant millions in federal aid, and the help of America's favorite agency, FEMA.

Bush arrived -- in the middle of rush hour, natch -- as divers recovered the last body from the Mississippi, bringing the death toll in the collapse to 13. Now that that messy business is over, declaring the site a federal emergency will allow the clean-up of the site and then reconstruction of the bridge to go as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that Fred Thompson can jog on it or something during the GOP convention next year.

Bush Declares Federal Emergency at Minn. Bridge Collapse [AP via Strib]


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