Presenting: Slate's Stupidest Idea Since "The Zeitgeist Checklist"

911comic.jpgPopular newspaper summarizing and Milbank enabling website Slate has the perfect accessory for your coffee table or the coffee table of a loved one: "9/11: The Comic Book." This totally useful and non-exploitative 5-year anniversary cash-in will finally answer such burning, unresolved 9/11 questions as:

  • Would Batman have been able to prevent the events of 9/11 if he hadn't been encumbered by bureaucratic red tape?

  • Is it true tower 7 was actually felled by Mr. Mxyzptlk?

  • Was the colossally inept response by NORAD somehow Jughead's fault?

  • So, wait, are the mice Jews, or firefighters, or what?

  • Is the sound of America's loss of innocence more of a "fwoosh" or a "tssssssssssss..."?

Bonus: See a sneak preview panel of the graphic novelization, after the jump!

The 9/11 Report [Slate]



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