Presenting the Nation's Best Political Cartoon Ever!

Well, this changes everything. Let's do the numbers, after the jump.

We found this great new political cartoon -- "the second of what the authors hope to make into a series of political cartoons" -- on, a social networking site for dementia patients.

It's called THEM ARK'S BROTHERS: GOPPO & DEMMO, itself a bracing kick in the nuts to an industry stuck in the rut of short, comprehensible cartoon names.

The single panel itself is a magically insane combination of Kelly and Latawnya the Naughty Horse. Where else can you find:

* Anthropomorphic furry versions of the Democrat and Republican mascots who wear strange FRANKIE SAYS t-shirts, and nothing else

* A donkey that's either grotesquely oversized, or an elephant that's a creepily deformed dwarf

* A brontosaurus disguised as a giraffe (?)

* Right-wingers who read a newspaper that's actually named for the new Michael Moore movie

* A bayonette-armed bird in a World War II infantry helmet who is apparently unaware that the Fi in Semper Fi means the same thing as the Fidel in Fidel Castro -- Fidelis, or "faithful" in Latin

* The charming addition of a French-esque accent over the E in El Che's name, because ... uhm, just because, dammit!



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