Presenting The Senate's Compromisey $849 Billion Health Care Bill


  • Meet Harry Reid & the Senate's Health Care Bill: $849 billion, 2,074 pages, no insurance for abortions or illegal immigrants, other characteristics, etc. [CNN]
  • Despite really maxing out every copy editor's patience with the word "contentious," Hamid Karzai was sworn-in for another five-year term as President of Afghanistan.  [New York Times]
  • Eric Holder took questions from 9/11 families about KSM's trip to New York. [Washington Post]
  • Obama wants to do a free-trade deal with South Korea. Give it a week after this thing goes through that "SKaFTA" is not the name of some 16-year-old's Bouncing Souls cover band. [WSJ]
  • Quarantining people isn't doing much to stop swine flu from killing us all to death. [AP]
  • Ireland will not be granted that Fifa World Cup playoff rematch, no matter how unfair the Irish justice minister thinks that handball thing was. [Guardian]

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