President Ben Carson Sure Is Glad Supreme Court Decisions Don't Apply To Him

It's a good thing Republican presidential candidate (LOL) and brain surgeon (LOL!) Ben Carson has sworn to never speak about The Gay again, or else he might open his mouth and say something like this, when asked about the Supreme Court's imminent ruling on marriage equality:

We have to understand how the Constitution works. The president is required to, you know, carry out the law of the land. The laws of the land come from the legislative branch. So if the legislative branch creates a law, or changes the law, the executive branch has responsibility to carry that out. It doesn't say they have a responsibility to carry out a judicial law. And that's something that we need to talk about.

Gosh, it would be awful embarrassing for Dr. Carson to suggest that as president, he could ignore the Court's ruling on marriage -- or anything else he doesn't like. Maybe Obamacare? Or one of those old-timey decisions that say Dr. Ben Carson doesn't have to use the back entrance or drink out of the separate but "equal" water fountain? The founders didn't put that in the Constitution, which Dr. Carson has read and understands, and Congress certainly didn't make that law, so lawless declarations of the unconstitutionality of segregation is one of those "judicial" laws that don't really count.

You know what would really put judges, especially the Supreme Court kind, in their place and stop them from trying to make decisions, like that's even their job? Term limits:

Because when these things were put into effect, the average age of death was 47. It was a very different time. We have not adjusted with the times. So again, that's a discussion that needs to be had.

Sure, since "these things" -- the articles of the Constitution -- were written, like, a really long time ago when people didn't live very long, it stands to reason that we should change with the times. At least regarding the lifetime appointments of federal judges. When it comes to determining whose marriages are legit, can't mess with that, man; that is sacred.

We know, we know. Dr. Ben Carson used to be one of the best neurosurgeons in the business, so there must be some part of his brain that is smart. Clearly, though, that's not the part running for president.



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