President Bone Spurs Gets OK To Keep America Safe From Transgender Troops


The Defense Department has approved Donald Trump's stupid and vile ban of transgender troops. The Associated Press claims the new policy "falls short of the all-out transgender ban" President Bone Spurs announced last year in a tweet. However, the policy bars transgender personnel from transitioning to another sex or serving as any gender other than what was stated on their birth certificate. So, that seems to rule out everyone but Scarlett Johansson playing a trans soldier in a movie.

Last month, five decorated transgender service members testified before the House about how full of shit Trump's ban is. They all have more courage and genuine patriotism in their private parts Trump is obsessed with than he has ever demonstrated. Trump dismissed transgender personnel as a "burden" and a "disruption," which we think is more offensive to people who serve our country than not standing for the National Anthem. The service members confirmed that the actual burden and disruption to military readiness is the ban itself.

Gen. James N. Stewart defended Trump's ban by claiming it wasn't a ban at all. Transgender people can continue to serve and join the military as long as they never transition. His logic was apparently waterboarded and just gave him bullshit information. This has been compared to "don't ask, don't tell," but it's actually much worse. DADT was a compromised "solution" to an existing ban of gay people in the military. Barack Obama had already lifted restrictions that prevented transgender personnel from serving openly. The US wasn't invaded by Canada or anything in the aftermath. Conservatives whined about the associated costs, but that was never a good faith argument for discriminating against 14,700 qualified Americans willing to do what none of Trump's adult children would even consider.

There's been no reported evidence of "discipline, morale or unit readiness problems" from transgender troops serving openly. Why would there be? Transgender people are individuals, not a spooky monolith. We don't entertain banning all men from service because some of them are rapists.

There's also little evidence that Trump's policy is rooted in anything more complex than his pathological urge to reverse everything Obama did. Trump also rolled back protections for transgender students in schools. This has the "benefit" of pleasing his base of narrow-minded, heartless bigots who want LGBT people marginalized from mainstream society. They want to keep transgender people out of the military, out of schools, and out of public service in general. They're probably still OK with them as the antagonist in Silence of the Lambs.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced Trump as basically a disgusting bigot who dresses funny.

Transgender troops deserve better than Trump as their commander-in-chief, which is yet another thing they have in common with everyone else.

[ AP / NBCNews]

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