President Bush Loves The (Underwater) Environment

  • Central and Eastern European countries are scaling back their natural gas consumption to cope with reduced supplies via Ukraine. [Bloomberg]
  • After days of silence, Barack Obama finally ventured a half-hearted statement on the problem in Gaza. He vowed to "engage effectively and consistently" to resolve the issue, yawn. [Washington Post]
  • Obama spent yesterday trying to soothe Dianne Feinstein and other lawmakers who were all "WTF?" when he appointed Leon Panetta to head the CIA, because why not. [New York Times]
  • Indian authorities handed over a dossier of evidence to the Pakistanis to aid their investigation into the Mumbai attacks, including creepy phone transcripts of the gunmen talking to their handlers. [AP]
  • Israel has generously volunteered to stop bombing the shit out of Gaza for three hours a day, so that humanitarian aid can reach the people they have bombed the shit out of. [Voice of America]
  • Our President Bush (he's still in office!) has established three national monuments in the Pacific Ocean to protect his beloved giant clams. [San Jose Mercury News]

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