No, alas, this isn't the much-anticipated "Whitey" tape where George Bush sits in an Afghan cave with Louis Farrakhan spewing racist garbage. (That'll be out next week.) A newly surfaced video shows our president making some jokes at a recent fundraiser for Pete Olson. Who's that, you ask? Olson is the Texas Republican whobeat Shelley "Dracula Cunt" Sekula Gibbs in a hard-fought primary, thereby strangling in its crib one of the most glorious political ascensions since ... well, the last incompetent fraud from Texas.

Anyhow, George Bush said something about Wall Street getting "drunk," and then he talked about house hunting without the requisite pieties about how Americans are suffering from the mortgage disaster. On the list of awful things George Bush has said, this is definitely on like the second or third page, but whatever, he opens his mouth so rarely these days.

Bush: Wall Street has 'hangover' after getting 'drunk' [Houston Chronicle]

Wall Street Got Drunk [YouTube]


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