President Bush's Wiretapdance Continues

spies.jpgLast Friday's news of President Bush authorizing extralegal espionage continues to resonate throughout Capitol Hill as the Senate reups for another Patriot Act showdown. Democrats continue to hammer away, believing that maybe at long last they've found some ground on which their bald tires will gain traction. For his part, the President and his surrogates continue to thrust their fists against the posts and still insist that they have the right to listen in on your calls.

Of course, the anger over the domestic espionage disclosure isn't confined to the Democrats. Republican Senators Chuck Hagel and Olympia Snowe have joined their Democratic counterparts Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin and Ron Wyden in calling for a Congressional inquiry. Reporting this news last night, we couldn't help notice that the good folks at CNN took great pains to remind us that Hagel and Snowe are "maverick Republicans." Because in this day an age, a Republican who evinces actual conservative ideology when everyone else's lips are stained with the "Hey, let's build a massive government to spend scads of money on sandcastles in Mesopotamia" Kool-Aid is maverick indeed.


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