President Celebrates National Character Week With Appearances For Bitch-Choker, Oldest Living Confederate Jew

characterweek.jpgVia Hit & Run: With only two days left in character week, President Bush is stumping for two of our very favorite characters.

WHITE HOUSE (AP) - President Bush is campaigning for two GOP lawmakers today, as Republicans struggle to maintain their grip on Congress.

The president's speaking at a fund-raiser for Virginia Senator George Allen in Richmond, and one for Pennsylvania Congressman Don Sherwood at Keystone College.

We hope next week is "National Heterosexual Sex Week." 'Cause we can think of some perfect campaign appearances for that one.

National Character Counts Week, 2006 [White House]

Bush Campaigns for Two Endangered Republicans [AP via ABC4]

Do As I Proclaim, Not As I Do [Hit & Run]


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