President DeLay? President Foley?

Aliens hate our freedoms! - WonketteBecause of fears that a terrorist attack could "wipe out" a large portion of Dennis Hastert, the House secretly chose somebody to take over as House speaker in an emergency.

But the Republican leadership won't say who. This means Americans have no idea who would become president should Bush and Cheney and Hastert have to "go somewhere for a while." Who is the mystery president-in-waiting? Was it Foley?

Of course, Americans didn't have any idea about the Line of Succession before the House changed the rules in 2003, so nothing much has changed. (Even Wonkette readers were bewildered by our frightening "President Pelosi" scenario, which is expected to happen early next year ... near the smoking ruins of the Capitol.)

A Secret in the Line of Succession [Washington Post]


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