President Heroically Makes Child Cry

Fuck you, little girl - WonketteA petulant little girl tried to shame the President at a Cleveland Q&A on Tuesday. Jessica Hackerd, 13, had Bush right where she wanted him. Defeated and confused, Bush had just finished his rambling remarks when young Jessica pounced. She went right for his weak spot with a pointed question about the recently-defeated immigration bill, the final nail in the coffin of the President's domestic legacy.

"Mr. President," she began, with her lying puppydog eyes, "what is your next step with the immigration bill?"

Bush replied with his typical acid wit. "Yeah, thanks," he snapped, and the crowd of 400 Rotarians guffawed.

The little girl began crying and they all laughed even harder as the President continued his Don Rickles tirade. "No, it's a great question," he said, eyes rolling. "No, I appreciate that."

Hilariously, a little girl was apparently the very first person to ask Bush about immigration since the bill failed weeks ago.

Bush jokes. Crowd laughs. Girl cries. [WT via Raw Story]


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