"You know, I was reading my newspaper this morning, and it seems Tom Vilsack did something really unfortunate to you, ma'am." Yes, President Obamahas finally called Shirley Sherrod. This may seem like a token expression of common decency after what his administration caused her. But for a long time it didn't seem he could do this little thing, as it would somehow "connect" him to this whole controversy, his advisors thought. (Guess what? Barry was already connected anyway! And then he just looked like a jerk and even more cowardly for being afraid of his phone.) So what did they talk about?


The President reached Ms. Sherrod by telephone at about 12:35. They spoke for seven minutes.

The President expressed to Ms. Sherrod his regret about the events of the last several days. He emphasized that Secretary Vilsack was sincere in his apology yesterday, and in his work to rid USDA of discrimination.

The President told Ms. Sherrod that this misfortune can present an opportunity for her to continue her hard work on behalf of those in need, and he hopes that she will do so.

Umm, alright. Sherrod told ABC this morning that she would like to share some of her life experience with Obama if the president called, experience she said he doesn't have and would benefit to know, but that probably doesn't fit in seven minutes.

You know what does fit in seven minutes? A duet of "I Got You Babe." That's what they probably did! Yay! Everyone is friends again! [TPM]


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