President of America, King of Heaven

  • Turns out the campaign manager Clinton fired kind of needed to be fired a long time ago. [Real Clear Politics]
  • The new Nuremburg trials are going to be way way better than the old ones. [Washington Note]
  • Everybody knows what an Obama blowout is good thing for HIllary. Or something. [Wizbang Politics]
  • The FISA bill is so ridiculous even Diane Feinstein is voting against it. What's the exscuse for the rest of you? [AMERICAblog]
  • Well, at lest Mississippi and Virgina are next to each other. [Politico]
  • One Paultard won't let the rules of the road come between him and his presidential candidate. [Reason]
  • Obama is winning races held today AND in the future. [Political Wire]
  • The left dominates the internet because we all have so much free time. [The Carpetbagger Report]
  • Huckles is unstoppable even though it's not at all clear who's voting for him. [Daily Dish]

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