President Probably the Type Who Gives Gift Cirtificates For Birthdays

Vladimir Putin's Kennebunkport visit ended with a surprising shared defense proposal that both sides will debate for a while before ultimately shelving until both presidents are replaced by overwhelmed successors. Also, G. H. W. Bush gave Vlad a present!

As a gift, Bush gave Putin a Segway transporter, and he reportedly gave it a try. The former president and first lady own three Segways and regularly zip around their sprawling property on them. A sign at the entrance to Walker's Point reads: "Caution. President on Segway. Slow Down."

We're sure Putin was thrilled to receive a soon-to-be-recalled-again 12 m.p.h. glorified moped that makes anyone who rides it look like a complete tool. Also, the bombing begins as soon as Vlad's plane touches down. Hope you weren't too attached to Alaska.

Putin Proposes Broader Cooperation on Missile Defense [WP]


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