Presidential Candidates Roast Each Other At Alfred E. Smith Dinner


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So sure, he was dreadfully awkward and only vaguely humanoid on the David Letterman, but that's because the pampered plutocrat John McCain feels weird around people who fly coach. Later on yesterday he went to a fancy white-tie dinner and had a rip-snorter of an evening, indeed!

Here he is at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner, a fundraiser in honor of the very first papist to almost be elected president. Presidential candidates go to this dinner every four years -- except in 2004, when nobody wanted to invite the Catholic abortionist John Kerry so they didn't invite George Bush either -- and they make funny jokes about the other guy.

John McCain was actually funny, for reals! He did way better than Barack Obama, probably because he's used to reading a speech off a sheet of paper, whereas Obama is more comfortable with a "next generation" $3 million pork teleprompter. Barry looks way more at ease chuckling over his dinner plate than standing up at the podium making various jokes about how vain and self-regarding he is. Looky, compare and contrast:

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John McCain Brings Down The House - Al Smith Dinner Part 1 [YouTube]

Obama Roasts McCain @ Alfred E. Smith Dinner Part 1 [YouTube]


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