President's Day Remainders: Hot Bush Tapes

· Evidently there's some hot new sex tapes of the President fornicating with Shannon Dougherty's ex-husband? We were busy this weekend, we dunno. [AP]

· Everyone's favorite ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter claims Bush will bomb Iran in June. Oh please: everyone knows you can only sell an operation in September. [News Hounds]

· Maybe we should stop our constant bitching about Crackberries and be glad we don't all have Sidekicks. We sure hope to find out that Tom DeLay's PDA is as sex-filled yet somehow as banal as Paris Hilton's when he gets hacked. [Gawker]

· Remembering Hunter S. Thompson: "My mother hates Nixon, my son hates Nixon, I hate Nixon, and this hatred has brought us together." [Waking Up]

· Thought of the day: hey, did Nancy Pelosi do something to her eyebrows? They look much more... human. Kudos to Nancy and her team of facial designers.


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