Press Club Follies, Take Two

npc_02.jpgIf you missed it the first time around, or even moreso, if you saw it the first time around, C-SPAN2 will be re-airing the National Press Club's "Who You Callin' a Journalist?" panel at 8 PM Eastern tonight. Contemplate Gannon's dadaist interpretation of the Red/Blue divide. Try to stare at Matthew Yglesias' radioactively green tie for more than two seconds. (We think his tie machine must have run out of red and blue ink.) Root for AMC as she gives the Star-Spangled Escort so much tough-love she may have earned her way back into the League of Official Liberal Bloggers Who Are Allowed to Speak on Basic Cable. And most of all, watch for's Mike Rogers' rousing curtain-closer, as he tries to find out, once and for all, if Gannon somehow slept his way to the very, very lowest rung of the professional media food chain.

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