Press Club Picks President, Approves Sugar Quotas

Showing the devotion to democracy that makes the media an essential part of an open society, the National Press Club chose its new president, Business Week's Rick Dunham, in elections last week. The only problem? The outcome was so pre-determined it might make Fidel Castro jealous. It wouldn't be fair to compare Dunham to Castro -- for one, Dunham is usually clean shaven. But clearly, they've both learned the secret to a worry-free Election Day: run unopposed. (Democrats should be glad President Bush can't go for a third term, or he'd probably try it, too.)

The people who ran the reporters' election apparently didn't even bother to count the few dissenting votes, saying:

The committee recorded a number of write-in candidates, which did not affect the outcome of the election.

Just like provisional ballots! At least now we know why the press hasn't picked up on those reports of electoral irregularities in Ohio...

NPC Elections Results [National Press Club]


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