Press Gaggle: Cellular Ex Machina In the James Brady Briefing Room

mclellantalks.jpgWe cut out the part of this White House press gaggle in which spokesbot Scott McClellan tells us that the Social Security programs will be saved by borrowing a couple trillion dollars from some incredibly munificent unnamed entity. Wait, I know! Is it Jesus? Yay, Jesus's holy checkbook is going to save Social Security!

Q. The principle is that those at or near retirement age will not see an adjustment in their premiums, but the rest -- premium adjustment is still on the table for the rest

(Phone ringing.)

SCOTT McCLELLAN: I'm sorry, repeat that, I got distracted by the phone call. (Laughter.)

6 Dec. 2004: 2 [Press Gaggle]

6 Dec. 2004: 1 [Press Gaggle]


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