Press Is Mad That Obama Won't Pay Attention To Them

He has like a million NEW friends now so he totally ignores his old friendsThe "love affair" between the national press and Barack Obama has taken a turn for the darkly dysfunctional. It appears that America's handsome Savior Prince has been a bit distant lately. He's been putting off a weird vibe and not texting them back. Was it something the press said? Is it possible Barry was just using the press for all the free hand jobs?

All signs point to yes! Of course, this is always how it plays out. The candidate talks to the press until they have made him popular and then he clams up, unless he is John McCain, in which case he will still hang out with reporters on his bus and tell the same jokes over and over again like a senile uncle, which he is.

Obama stiffs, stifles national press [Politico]

On the Bus [New Yorker]


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