Pretend Anthrax Nut Loves Pretend Senator Nut

The nut who sent fake anthrax to Nancy Pelosi and Keith Olbermann was arrested by the FBI this weekend (the nut who sent real anthrax to various folks remains at large). His name: Chad Conrad Castagna, which sounds really fake. Thankfully, Chad was the kinda guy who signed his blog comments with his real name, which allows for hilarious post-arrest Googling.

Radar (in what may be the only post of theirs not currently labeled "EXCLUSIVE") found the creepy lusting-over-B movie actresses stuff. But it wasn't just busty actresses that Chad had a fondness for:

Chad Castagana Said:

8:29 am [ Quote ]

Congresswoman Katherine Harris is a remarkable lady !

She has perservered a lot to advance the Conservative Cause .

We Red-Bloooded Americans are obligated to support her, siritualy, not just politically !

We're amazed Chad managed to write Olbermann's address legibly enough for the USPS to deliver the fake anthrax. The Katherine Harris connection, though, makes a strange sort of sense.

Pelosi Stalker's Horny Netroots [Radar]

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