Pretend Violence Aficionado to Kill Real People

idfdeathstar2.jpgRegardless of your position on the current Middle East crisis, there's one thing we can all agree on: video game violence is just the skill-building motivator our children need to get out there and make something of themselves. Take Daniel Taylor of Baltimore, who, despite never having been there and not speaking Hebrew, is heeding the call of his people and joining the IDF. Daniel comes well-trained, having studied marksmanship at the 4-H. Despite that seemingly marking him as a time-traveler from 1950, Daniel's not lacking for modern know-how:

"If I'm needed, absolutely, I'm a gamer, and there's a certain thrill involved in action and risk. I enjoy that."

We'll sidestep the obvious jokes about obesity, lethargy, and poor vision, and simply ask how Joe Lieberman will wrap his head around this.

Local Teen Heeds a Call to Israel [Baltimore Sun]


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