Prevent Memory Loss With This One Weird Trick! (It Is So Many Drugs) Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 16, 2020


"Another retired ambassador said they had 'never heard of anything like it.' 'It's common that terrorists and former communists do this to us. It's appalling and incomprehensible that somebody who is working for the President's personal lawyer would have been doing this to our ambassador,' they told CNN. Yovanovitch calls for investigation into 'disturbing' surveillance as ex-diplomats outraged over her treatment. OH DO YOU THINK SO?

Also, just saying:

Icons of IMPEACH, with St. Masha Yovanovitch Icons of IMPEACH, with St. Masha Yovanovitch

Evan will be writing up Parnas on Maddow, obviously.

Robert F. Hyde worked for a mysterious Chinese Trump megadonor. Ain't nobody got the bandwidth for this. NO NEW CASTMEMBERS.

Oh, this got lost in my shuffle Tuesday: As president, Warren won't wait for Congress to begin canceling $50k of student debt for everybody. Dooooooo ittttttttt.

Do you like television? "Ramy" is a delightful show on Hulu about a millennial Muslim dude and his family did I say it is delightful? And "Medical Police" is about doctor policemen/ladies and it is very stupid and I love it. It is on Netflix. I just wanted to tell you.

Molly Ivins's feminism. Click.

Give them the money. The Virgin Islands Wants To Seize Jeffrey Epstein's Millions After He Allegedly Abused Girls As Young As 11 On His Private Island

WaPo: New book portrays Trump as erratic, 'at times dangerously uninformed'. As if!

Neal Katyal and Joshua Geltzer at WaPo: Dudes So Guilty. So Guilty of Dudes. I am pretty sure that was the title.

This sorta-Buzzfeedy Which Candidate Are You quiz from WaPo is fun. Don't try to game it -- you know what the candidates support, you're a Wonker -- really see.

Some folks are aiming to rebuild Tulsa's "Black Wall Street," which got literally bombed in a 1921 race massacre that killed at least 300 black people (with thousands gone missing), one storefront and business at a time.

Buzzfeed: The Secret Mueller Report Memos Show How Sean Hannity Advised Trump's Closest Aides.

And this is why a lot of you give Wonkette your NPR money. Vox: NPR's sanitizing of Trump's Milwaukee rally shows how he's broken the media (Pssst, NPR was broken way before Trump.)

An ooooold New Yorker about Ivanka Trump doing ... things? ... with the Iran's Revolutionary Guard. I still haven't read this one. Liz says I am supposed to. But the names! They are hard!

15 Elderflower Liqueur Cocktail Recipes. (I had the Basilica. It was delicious.)

Wonkette is ad-free and so tired she's falling into her soup. Later skaters.

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