All of your aspirational yuppie mall brands like Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma and Coach (which used to be legitimately fancy, years ago, before they decided to start selling loudly branded handbags to Bethesdan tweens) are having to lower prices permanently because nobody has money anymore and they don't want to get people used to insane 75% off sales all the time.

Back in December, retailers had to cut prices like crazy just to get inventory off their shelves. They were literally (figuratively) giving shit away for free (a very steep discount)! But that's no way to run a business forever, and so retailers are now just adjusting their prices downward in the hopes that this will be a slightly more successful strategy for the long term. Now instead of paying a millionty dollars for a Pottery Barn couch, you can pay .7 millionty dollars for a Pottery Barn couch, any day of the week. And then you can live under it for just a fraction of what you'd pay to live in a house!

Prices Fall To Match A New Frugality [Washington Post]


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