Holiday Party Season is in full swing, and everyone will be constantly drunk and miserable until January 2, when we'll all sober up and face the unimaginable dread of another year of this shit.

What we mean is, we go to as many parties as we can (read: that we're certain won't cost a single dime), but there are many more of you than there are of us. So we'd love to hear reports, rankings, gradings, and sightings from the parties thrown by think tanks, lobbying firms, consulting groups, Congresspeople, and media organizations. Kinda like this (but with more pictures if you can get 'em).

In the comments for this post, leave the hosts, locations, dates, times, and best ways to sneak past the doors for any events you think Wonkette Party Ops should crash. If you put together a decent enough list, we'll post it at the end of the workday today and unleash our hordes of spies on this filthy city.


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