Primary Dolor: Big Lie Edition

·Kerry prepares for general election while trying not to take primary wins for granted; debate planned for this Sunday. [WP and NYT]

·Clark formally quits: "Expectations on him were unreasonable because he was such an empty vessel — and everybody put their hopes and desires into this empty vessel." [WP and NYT]

· Democrats force the White House onto a three-point defensive. "Nobody ever said this was going to be a blow-away. What they need to do is make sure everyone doesn't panic," says former RNC chair. [WT and WSJ]

·Dean says Kerry is associated with "the corrupt political culture in Washington" and that Edwards is a better candidate; "I agree with that. I think that [Dean] is a very wise man," says Edwards; Bill Clinton says the race is not over yet. [WT and NYT and AP/Yahoo]

·Kerry had a different position on gay marriage two years ago; in 1970, he said he wanted the military under control of the UN and he would consider the elimination of the CIA. [WT and NYT]

· Fonda photo fallout: Jane Fonda blames "a narrow, extremely conservative, right-wing segment" for the "big lie." [LAT and WT]

· Has Kerry improved or is he just the default? Stu Rothenberg: "He's a better candidate, but his showing exaggerates his improvement." [LAT]

·Kerry-Edwards ticket is unlikely, according to campaign staff. [BG]

·Edwards stays positive, brings hope to Wisconsin, compliments residents on ability to make decisions: "[Y]ou're going to make your own independent decision on who to vote for. Am I right about that?" [NYT]

· Moveon to run another round of anti-Bush television spots. [NYT]

·Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan among third-party candidates who are suing for third-party inclusion in debates. [BG]


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