Primary Dolor: Blame Zogby Edition

it's been real·Kerry, Edwards focus on the economy and trade; Edwards offers to debate. [WP and BG]

·Kerry, Edwards promote untested ideas for the economy. "Outsourcing is a new phenomenon. We don't really have a clue what's going on," says a Kerry aide. Edwards is "a 'soft' opponent of trade deals, one who is open to presidential arm-twisting." [WP and LAT]

· Tears from insiders who backed Dean and now look naive: They are "in the same position as the lawyer who signed on to the dot-com boom only to have the start-up go bust and was forced to come slinking back to the firm, the accountant who joined the rock band that fizzled, anyone on the morning after a one-night stand." [WP]

·Bush runs from 2.6 million new jobs promise: "I think the economy is growing, and I think it's going to get stronger." McClellan: Bush did not endorse the jobs forecast because he's "not a predictor. . . That's the projection of a lot of smart economists who have analyzed the package." [WP]

·FEC will regulate 527 groups. Vice Chairman: "I don't think sophisticated political actors would have a hard time figuring out how to work within this framework." [WP and LAT]

·Edwards needs money. "We are confident we have what we need to be competitive," says flak. [WP]

·Kerry, Edwards try to make inroads with Dean supporters in Maryland. [WP]

·Dean ends campaign with careful language: "Fight on in the caucuses. We are on the ballot. Use your network to send progressive delegates to the convention. We are not going away." [WP]

·Bush is buying time on marriage amendment. Laura Bush: "I don't know if I would call it a campaign issue. I don't think it's a political issue as much as an issue that the American people want to be able to discuss and think about and debate." [WP and WT]

·Kerry lobbied for contractor who made illegal donations to his campaign. [LAT]

· Blame Zogby: "Virtually every news outlet, based on public opinion polling, created the expectation and standard that John Kerry would have a big victory." [NYT]

·Kerry, Edwards on the issues. (Zzzzzzzz.) [NYT]


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