Primary Dolor: Bowling for Dollars Edition

orangeKerry, Edwards spar over electability, experience, the economy, trade, the death penalty, and charisma during debate. [WP and LAT]

Kerry tries his hand at Edwards'regular-guy schtick: discusses the "have and have-nots," surrounds himself with mill workers (of which Edwards is the son of); also adopts Bush's passion for orange-bowling. [NYT]

Edwards looks for surprise wins next Tuesday; says he will continue on if he loses. Campaign director compares chances of winning as a "Hail Mary pass." [WP and WSJ]

Dean, Trippi vie for influence through blogs; supporters are "confused." [BG and LAT]

Edwards leans on Ohio, a Republican stronghold, with hopes of stopping Kerry; Democrats look for upset in November. "The primary is wide open. Kerry's lead could disappear real fast," says the Ohio Democratic Chair. [WP]

Bush challenges Democrats on terrorism: "Some of our opponents are skeptical that the war on terrorism is really a war at all. They view terrorism as more of a crime, a problem that can be solved with law enforcement and indictments. . . . After the chaos and carnage of September 11, it is not enough to serve our enemies with legal papers."

[WT and NYT]

Democratic National Committee rakes in record $166,000 in 24 hours following email from Bill Clinton after Bush's call for marriage amendment. [WSJ]

Dean: "You have revitalized politics, and a lot of times people give up when their candidate doesn't win, and they say, 'OK, that's all I can do.' They go into hibernation. You can't afford to do that because we are fortunate enough to live in a country where politics really matters. And politics, from now on, is going to be ours." [BG]

Kerry, Edwards un-support No Child Left Behind. [LAT]

Edwards campaign is not releasing names of top donors. [LAT]

Kerry, Edwards may have to return to the Senate on Super Tuesday to vote on gun regulations. [LAT and WSJ]

Bush campaign buys ad spots on CNN, Fox News, and Fox Sports; Edwards runs new ad in Ohio, Georgia, and upstate New York. [NYT and NYT]


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