Primary Dolor: Cavalier Volunteer Edition

·Kerry, Edwards campaign for today's Virginia primary. [WP] and [NYT]

·Clark, Edwards hope for upset in today's Tennessee primary, but Kerry is the favorite: "Tennessee voters may not know him well, but they seem to like him because he is winning elsewhere." [WP] and [BG]

·Dean, campaigning with new themes, says a Wisconsin win is not essential. [WP] and [NYT]

·Kerry needs Virginia, Tenn. to prove southern strength; Tenn. could be blue this November. [WT] and [NYT]

· Candidates focus on delegate count. [BG]

·Bush promotes tax cuts in Missouri, obliquely refers to Kerry: "Some people in Washington want to raise your taxes, there's no doubt about it." [WP] and [WT]

· Democrats complain about Bush's post-primary visits: "[B]illed as 'official events,' [they] are in reality taxpayer-financed campaigning." [LAT]

·Bush campaign investigates Kerry's votes, will likely focus on homeland security and special interests. [LAT]

·Edwards hopes his one-to-one campaigning style will help him catch up over time; experts say it's too late: "That's an argument of desperation: If the clock hadn't run out, we'd have won the ballgame." [WP]

·Kerry absorbs labor support following Gephardt's endorsement. [NYT]


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