Primary Dolor: Cranky Edition

·Dean queries Kerry in debate, receives "what I consider a real Washington answer." [WP]

·Dean campaign shakeup was due to "long-simmering" tensions. Roy Neel: "We've got two weeks, three weeks to turn this thing around." [WP] and [NYT]

·James Carville and Al Hunt contemplate chances for Kerry's potential running-mates: Edwards, 7 to 5; Bill Richardson, 3 to 1; Bob Graham, 5 to 1. [WSJ]

· RNC moves to undermine Kerry, hopes to raise "questions about Mr. Kerry's positions on military strength and national security." [NYT]

·Kerry says terrorism threats are exaggerated: "They are misleading all Americans in a profound way." [WT]

·Edwards: "I'm not for reparations. What I'm for is dealing with the root causes of the disparity." [Reuters] and [NYT]

· Oklahoma receives presidential campaign attention; Lieberman has "urged [Oklahomans] to ignore the results from Iowa and New Hampshire." [WP]


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