Primary Dolor: Double-Digits Edition

·Kerry wins Missouri, Arizona, New Mexico, Delaware, and North Dakota; Edwards takes South Carolina; Clark claims Oklahoma. [WP] and [NYT]

·Kerry controls the dynamics in weeks ahead; raises more funds. [WP] and [WP]

· Race moves to Washington state; Dean is waiting there. [WP] and [NYT]

· Turnout hit record highs; Democratic Party "regaining its political health," says Donna Brazile. [WP]

·Edwards's brother-in-law spells it out: "Confident, C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T." [WP] and [WP]

·Lieberman quits: "The primary voters were looking for give-'em-hell postures. But that turns out to be in stark contrast to everything that Joe stands for," says supporter. [WP] and [NYT]

·Sharpton: "We came to South Carolina with no money, no paid staff, no TV ads... And not only did we come in three, in double-digits... we doubled Howard Dean, tripled Joe Lieberman." [WP] and [NYT]

· In "extraordinary break with the White House," GOP lawmakers plan to trim Bush's budget. [WT]


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