Primary Dolor: Edwards Snaps Edition

littlest campaigner "Snappish" debate gives Edwards a chance to make waves prior to Super Tuesday. Kerry rolls his eyes at the snark-fest: "That was a debate?" [WP, NYT and NYT]

Edwards' belligerence at the debate may have been "the biggest gamble of his candidacy." [NYT]

Kerry, Edwards fight for New York; Edwards looks for surge among working-class voters upstate, but uncertainty about employment isn't an election issue for them: "People are almost resigned to the fact." [NYT and LAT]

Domestic issues could pose a problem for Bush. "When President Bush goes to make his case for a second term, his domestic performance will not be his strong suit. It's not a hopeless thing, but boy. . . he has some work to do to get people to feel better about what he has accomplished," says pollster. [LAT]

Edwards nomination determined the science of the probable: "Proportional representation makes dramatic comebacks essentially impossible." [NYT]

Kerry-Edwards ticket seems less likely after yesterday's date as their true chemistry is revealed. [WP and WSJ]

Edwards could be the first Clinton-echo candidate, appealing to angry Southerners, but their differences are deep: Edwards is more disciplined, less wonkish. [WP and LAT]

Black voters mostly support Kerry: "For black Democrats and white Democrats, their calculus is pretty much the same: They want to get rid of George W. Bush. George W. Bush represents everything -- war, violation of civil rights, tax cuts for the rich and program cuts for everybody else. There's not one issue that really much matters; it's the whole package." [WP]

Kerry on party labels: "Labels are so silly in American politics. I think it's the silliest thing I've ever heard. . . . Is this president a legitimate Republican or conservative?" [WT]

Bush focuses on the green as he closes in on goal of raising $170 million; Democrats focus on Bush. "I'm beating George Bush and John Kerry is losing by double digits," says Edwards. [BG and LAT]

Kerry, Edwards understand the force of the AFL-CIO. [LAT]

Kerry pockets Massachusetts vote; Edwards needs Georgia. [NYT and NYT]


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