Primary Dolor: Fighting Like a Badger Edition

Kerry facing a tough nationwide race: "[I]t is not at all yet demonstrated that Kerry, except maybe in Florida, is going to be competitive at all south of the Mason-Dixon line." Meanwhile, Bush "won several states by a very small margin. Look at Ohio, Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, New Hampshire. I just think it's a tough sled." [WP]

Dean and Edwards hope for surprise Wisconsin win tonight. Dean: "But, you know, I plan to win Wisconsin one way or the other." [WP and LAT]

Wisconsin voters: Electability, electability, electability. [WP]

Dean, struggling and losing campaign aides, begins to use the past tense. [LAT and NYT]

Democrats being to rally aroundKerry. [WSJ and NYT]

Kerry making inroads on Wall Street. "A few weeks ago, you could have held a Kerry fund-raiser in a broom closet," says an early backer. [WSJ]

Economy could turn to Bush's favor: "In the end, if they've got money in their pockets, it doesn't matter if it came by hard-earned work or tax cuts. That's where the president may have played his cards very well." [WP]

Bush, upbeat, promotes the economy in Florida. [WT and WP]

Kerry tries to be a union man and promises to stop the flow of jobs overseas. [WT and NYT]

Vietnam is a major factor in Kerry campaign. Author Douglas Brinkley: "We have yet to close ranks on what occurred in society during those years. It's turned into an outright battle, with the legacy of a generation at stake. And in the middle stands John Kerry." [LAT]

Campaigns uses mix of delivery methods to get message out. [WT]

DNC won't end 'AWOL' attacks, against Kerry's wishes. [WT]


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