Primary Dolor: General Malaise

·Kerry takes Virginia with 52 percent of the vote and Tennessee with 41 percent; Edwards comes in a distant second. [WP and NYT]

· With 431 delegates to Dean's 182 (Yes, he's in second. Who knew?), the nomination is Kerry's to lose. [WP and WP]

·Clark is over and out: "I don't know that he ever developed that connection with voters." [LAT and NYT]

·Edwards says, "It's clear that this race is going into March." Campaign brushes away the suggestion of a VP spot: "I'll be honest, it's annoying. It's like a pesky fly." [NYT and MSNBC]

· Pundits, voters dropping hints to Dean, Edwards: "All they are going to be doing is answering questions of, when are you going to get out of the race?" [LAT]

· Just how quirky is Wisconsin, anyway? Dem chairwoman claims, "We like people who stand up for what they believe in despite adversity." Nutty! But they're not that crazy: Says professor, "Frankly, in my view, this state is a lot less distinctive than people would like to think it is or than it once was." Posers. [NYT]

·Kerry fundraiser Robert Torricelli was behind anti-Dean ads, including the Osama bin Laden television spot. [WP]

· Photo of Kerry with Jane Fonda at an anti-Vietnam War rally angers some veterans. Says campaign spokeswoman, "John Kerry and Jane Fonda were just acquaintances." [WT]

·Sharpton urged to stay in race to keep attention on black issues. He says he'll be in Boston "if I have to buy a pair of sneakers and walk." [WT]


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