Primary Dolor: Guess I'll Have to Think of a New Name Editon

i'm not pandering with you i'm pandering at you Judgment day for Edwards. "What about three states, or four states?" he teases. He has a hoarse throat and skipped his usual jog. [WP and NYT]

The race could end tonight: Kerry on the verge. [WT and LAT]

Front-loaded primary calendar hurt Edwards. "People make decisions based on what other people are doing. . . The effect gets stronger and stronger the more ambivalent we are. In this year, people are looking for a winner more than they are for any particular winner," says a sociologist. "Kerry may be "the Democratic Bob Dole," warns pollster. [WP]

Kucinich questioned in his hometown. "He has done some good locally, but I think he's gone bananas," says one elderly resident. [NYT]

GOP moves to corner Kerry by scheduling congressional votes on gay rights, abortion, and guns during the primary season; today, Edwards and Kerry vote on gun liability. [WP]

Democrats feel rushed, Kerry benefits: "Kerry's not only the front-runner, he's also the fallback candidate for just about every Democrat who likes someone else. A lot of people aren't ready for this race to be over. Democrats feel they don't have much time to decide whether to fight for someone other than Kerry," says political scientist. [BG]

Voters in the industrial heartland of Ohio could decide general election. [BG]

Kerry, Edwards don't socialize within senate. Maybe they're just too busy to mingle. [NYT]

California's controversial electronic ballots put to the test today. [LAT]

Edwards linked to lobbying dollars. [LAT]

Questions raised about Kerry's $6.4 million bank loan to his campaign. [WT]


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