Primary Dolor: If I Can Make It Here Edition

scrum·Bush campaign will run tens of millions of dollars worth of advertisements focusing on Kerry"s public life, from activist to senator. "The beauty of John Kerry is 32 years of votes and public pronouncements. He"s been wrong for 32 years, he"s wrong now." [WP]

·Kerry wins support of AFL-CIO, Edwards makes his own pitch to labor: "This is more than an economic issue; this is a moral issue." [WP and NYT]

·Edwards appeals to the Peach State: "We ought to debate wherever and whenever the state of Georgia and the people of Georgia want us to. This election is too important. . . . Everything that you and I believe is at stake." [LAT]

·Bushfails to motivate Christian conservatives: "Top religious rights activists have been burning up the telephone lines, sharing what one privately called their 'apoplexy' over Mr. Bush's failure to act decisively on the issue, although he has said he would support a constitutional amendment if necessary to ban same-sex 'marriages.'" [WT]

·Bush continues to promote tax cuts: "I convinced Congress to cut the taxes on the people, because I felt like, during this time of uncertainty and economic slowdown, if people had more of their own money" [WT and NYT]

· Republicans on edge: "I would describe the mood among conservatives right now as frightened," says the president of the Club for Growth. [BG]

·Kerry denies lobbying scandal; employees of the defense contractor who benefited describe an atypical scene: "One of the corporate guys came out on the Friday before his visit and said that Kerry would someday be president and we needed his support in defense contracting." [LAT]

·Edwards loves New York. "Who would have ever thought that the New York primary might make or break a candidate," says Senator Charles Schumer. [NYT]

· Hawaii, Idaho, Utah primaries overlooked; Dean, Kucinich may be factors. [NYT and BG]

·Edwards tries to distinguish himself, but "Trying to differentiate between these guys on policy grounds is virtually impossible." [BG and NYT]


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